Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Kitchen

It is looking a bit like Christmas in the homestead kitchen this week. Changing some things from room to room has helped to make a change & adding some of our Christmas decorations from Christmas pasts here & there. I like to attend after Christmas sales to pick up a few new decorations at amazing discounts. That is my after Christmas shopping spree for myself.

Rescued from the basement this little grapevine tree almost went to the auction last month. Glad I kept it now. These are the little mice I was making. I liked them on the tree so that is were they ended up at. The little creatures are not stirring about the kitchen as yet. We did have some very tiny baby mice about last week. They were tiny & cute but had to go. What have all our fur babies been up to here at the homestead I wondered. They must be getting fed way to good these days. Sleeping on the job I guess.

The little mice are among the fresh cedar branches I cut from the old cedar tree & added to give the grapevine tree some color for Christmas. They smell good to.

The entrance to the homestead kitchen got a new look this week. The gray granite ware wash basins were hung here & a home sweat home sign was hung. I borrowed the sign from the living room. I like it here to. Nothing new but is gives a whole new look to the kitchen entrance.

The nativity scene on top of the pie safe that shows what the Christmas season is all about. Jesus is the reason for the season!

Heavenly scented clementines & cloves I did added to the berry bucket on top of the pie safe.

The kitchen tree gets angels added for Christmas.

The canning rack & jars that were once Grams gets a little felt snowman & a balsam fir candle added to the center. The kitchen smells like a Christmas tree field these days. Reminds me of the days I helped Pap & Gram trim their Christmas trees. They had a Christmas tree farm on some of the land they gave me.

The arrow hanger gets a primitive angel hung on it for Christmas.

I have liked cows since early childhood so the old faithful country cow stays out for Christmas on top of the frig. He gets a pineapple tree with a white dove a top the tree.

My stove board that hides the Cinderella stove. Many balls I have missed cleaning it. LOL.

Next Christmas will come to the dinning room & then the living room last this year. We got our prelit Christmas tree out from the basement on Thanksgiving night as we always do. After it was put together we plugged it in & only the two rows of lights worked at the bottom of the tree. After two days of playing with it I gave up & it went back to the basement. We got seven good years out of it. I count that as good. New plans for this Christmas when it comes to the tree. We will see soon. The boys are out & about with their Dad in the woods hunting those white tail deer on this oh so cold day. I like the cozy warmth of the homestead so I went back to bed after they went on their adventure today. Will we have deer hanging when I wake up? I will wait & see. I hope you are all warm & cozy this cold day.
Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. I love your christmas decor..and aren't the simplest ones the best? I love the canning jars in the metal jar holder with snowman..heres hoping you have meat for the winter.;) enjoy your day and stay nice and cozy.;)

  2. Looking pretty & festive!
    I like the cow,looks so cute by the pineapple!
    keep sharing so enjoying the pics!

  3. Boy, am I nice and cozy. It is almost 70 here in Florida. Today it does not feel like Christmas. Your decorations are really nice.

  4. I so enjoyed the tour of your cozy kitchen! It's looking lovely with all your Christmas touches!
    Have a lovely week!

  5. Very nice! Love it!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. I do love the ball jar-canning rack display. Very creative! I may steal that one!
    And your little mice are adorable.

  7. Hey Lara... I can get some good decorating tips from you:) I like your tree in the pan, clever. It sure would be nice to have some venison in the freezer wouldn't it. Fingers crossed:)

  8. Everything looks wonderful! I love those canning jars too. I use to collect cows also! Every room was decorated with cows when I first started out as a new bride. :-) I still have a fond place for them in my heart. :-)
    Have a great week!

  9. I love everything!!! You are so talented with your decorating!!!

  10. Oh the little mice are so cute on the grapevine tree. Great idea to add the cedar sprigs to it, it looks good with green added to it.

    How wonderful that you now own your grandma's canning rack and jars... I just love the colors of the jars.

    Everything looks great Lara!