Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Treated Myself Today

Today My daughter & I made a trip to the DMV to renew her drivers permit. It expires Thursday & we did not know you have to schedule your drivers test before you show up at the DMV. There was a back log of 4 weeks & we were told she would be lucky to get scheduled in January. Things have changed since I took my drivers test. Well you may guess I was not disappointed. But she was. I am not ready to set her free on the highways in a vehicle just yet. Just last week two of the kids friends were going to have their senior photos taken & were in a wreck. The beautiful young girl died & the young boy was flown to a hospital away from our area. He is doing much better & has returned home with his family. I feel for this young girls family & this young boy who cared deeply for her & misses her so. I spoke to his brother yesterday at the school & said he would be coming around soon to visit. He has been visiting our home since the family moved here this summer. There is so little for teens to do around here. I am hoping to get all my kids in a church youth group. I thought the best way to do that would be to invite their friends along. They are all so young & have so much of life ahead of them. But at any time anyone can leave this old world. It worries me that they could leave not knowing Jesus as there Lord & Savior. This has been a bit of a burden to me since the summer months. Many are considered heathens but are not & just need someone to open the door & lead them to Christ. I may not be the one but if I can just plant the seed I would be happy to see them grow in Christ while someone else waters my kids & all the neighbor kids & yours to. If you could remember this in your prayers & the young girls family & young boy. I am sure God will bless you back & I thank you from my heart. For some reason I felt a need to share this tonight. Well back to treating myself. I stopped by a prim shop on our drive to pick up some silicone bulbs for my window candles. No luck but oh I seen this wooden trencher type box. I had to have it. You can see it came home with me. I have been searching ebay off & on. Many I liked but way to pricey. this was a good deal or it would have stayed at the prim shop. I filled it with a old crock I had & used the prim items I had in the huge gray granite ware wash tub I had on the table. Everyone complained there was no room at the table & we had to move it so often. It was pretty but did take up way to much table space. The granite ware wash tub is now hanging in the homestead kitchen. I guess this will be my Christmas gift to my self. But a little early.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Awwwww. You deserved a treat. The DMV is a trial for everyone. The trencher is perfect for your table.

  2. Oh yes, things are alot different than when we were children getting our driving license. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed for all the young drivers out there and pray they don't have serious accidents like your friends. The community should rally and start up something for the youngsters that will be beneficial to them as they get older.
    I'm so glad you treated yourself to that trencher:) That's what I call it too when I buy meself something I think I can't live without... an early Christmas:)

  3. Lara, I love the shape of your new trencher - really prim! I often give myself a pre-Christmas treat!!! when the price is right of course!
    I will pray for these dear young folk. May the Lord be pleased to use you and see a work of grace done in their lives.
    God bless

  4. The diplay is so cute!Looks great!
    Sorry to hear about the children, prayer out to them, family & friends!
    take care,

  5. I have a 15 year old and I'm not ready for him to be driving either. Such a sad story about this young couple! Yes, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow and should do whatever we need to do to be ready.

    I love the little trencher and there are so many things you can use it for. How fun to change it out with the holidays. It looks great the way you have it now!


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