Thursday, November 11, 2010

The New Fish Pond

The new fish pond is finally in. I am so glad. I pray we get to enjoy the fish pond for many years. I still would like a small waterfall but I think we will wait til spring to add it. I cant wait til spring so I can plant flowers around the pond & fill it with pond plants. This pond has to shelves in it. This will be so great for water lilies. Our little frog can sit on the lily pads and sing at the moon. It sure took a lot of digging to get the hole deep enough and large enough. Lucas sure got some larger muscles this summer. For the winter months we have cut some old PVC pipe & put it in the bottom of the pond for our little frog & fish to hide it. The weather has been pretty nice here so we have been sitting on the porch watching the fish swim & listening to the water. Sam has been filling inside the rocks with fine dirt that he has picked the rocks out of. Of course he has gotten a used but new to him PSP game for all his hard work. The fish seem to like their new water hole & that silly friendly frog likes to be talked to & sure likes to pose for photos. No camera in hand when I caught one of our furry kittens touching nose to nose with the little frog. I missed it. I wish the frog knew that the furry kitten more than likely finds him to be a tasty treat. The neighbors cat has been visiting the pond day & night both. I think he finds those fast swimming gold fish to be a tasty treat he may just have to have. I have been counting each day & so far the fish are all still where the belong. Sam & I are thinking we should put a bench in back of the pond so we can sit there next summer & enjoy the sights & sounds. I will love reading there to. I have started reading a new book called The Joy Of Keeping A Root Cellar. There are so many wonderful chapters about canning freezing drying smoking & preserving the harvest. So many pretty colorful photos to. I am reading & dreaming of my dream garden. Can you tell? I think I can here those veggies calling me now. What about?

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Oh you're going to love that new pond!! I put one in a few years back then put in a waterfall feature the following year. I just LOVE it ~ especially at night when I have my bedroom window open and can hear the waterfall. AND I love just sitting by it watching the fish and frogs and occasional turtle that shows up. Plus planting around it.... I'm excited for you!!

  2. It looks GREAT! I love our little pond and I hope you get to enjoy yours for a long time like we have!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. Oh my, what a beauty that will be. Well, you tell Lucas I know diggin' those holes aren't easy. Bless his heart for doin' that for you. This will bring lots of enjoyment and ease to ya luv. That book sounds like one I should read:) Take care!

  4. One of these years I'll have one of these. I even have the spot picked out. But it's not as high on my hubby's list as it is on mine so it'll have to wait until we are both in agreement. So for now, I will enjoy yours with you. I can hear the excitement from you and I'm excited for you! The little froggy is adorable! Look at that picture, too funny!