Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Gift * Displays * Hunting *All At The Homestead Today

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with much yummy food to eat. From roasted turkey to pumpkin pies. All the yummy food was homemade & good I must say. I made all of it. Can you tell I am pretty proud of myself. I must give Our Heavenly Father the thanks for providing all the food & giving me the energy to do all this. What a wonderful blessing!

Last night I got a card in my post office box letting me know I had a package waiting for me to pick up. To late the door was closed. I went to the post office early today & picked up the package. Inside wrapped in pretty Christmas tissue paper was this charming Santa Clause. I am so grateful for this gift I have been blessed with & the sweet friend I have been blessed with who was so kind to send it to me. May God pour out blessing over flowing in your life. Thank you so much Lori my blog friend!

I had moved the black swan & old wooden tool box to Paps pine chest in front of the fireplace after Thanksgiving & added some pine sprigs to it. There was just the right size spot to add the santa clause. I love it.

My stove board got a new look for Christmas after Thanksgiving. I really liked it the way it was but I wanted a few changes for a winter look. I think the snowman & pine sprigs are just enough.

I am working on a display to put on top of my sewing machine box. Using what I have & adding some fruit I picked up at the store yesterday. I am having fun using fruit this year.

Clementines with cloves I did for my gray granite ware berry bucket in the kitchen. I love how they turned out & how yummy they smell. Thanks for your help Lori! You have opened up a whole new world of decorating with fruit for me this Christmas. Check out Loris beautiful displays at I promise you will love them.

Sam is dressed in his hunting gear minus the orange items he will be wearing when he goes into the woods the first day of buck season. Today if he can put down his PSP & leave his little doggie he is going to do some target practice.

Sam & his Dad setting up a target for Sam to practice shooting at. This will be his first time shooting a hunting rifle. Sam passed his hunters safety course a bout a month ago & is excited to go hunting with his Dad & brother Lucas this year.

Oh boy Sam is about to shoot the gun for the first time. The sound of the first shot rang out & his little dog is trying to climb up on my lap. I ask Sam how did you do? I got three bulls eyes. His Dad confirmed. I was shocked. But I guess all the target practice with his BB gun paid off. We have many soda cans with holes in them.

This was the solution I came up with to keeping the big guy from digging up the newly sewed grass seed. A make do fence of such. It is working well.

Blessing Til Next Time!


  1. How exciting--a first hunt! You will be so proud when he bags that first buck!
    I hope you don't mind my asking a silly question. How did you do the stripe on the oranges? I make the pomanders and have had them keep for years, but I have never done the stripes. I like the look.
    Your new Santa is very, very nice, but I love the black swan. I haven't run across one in my searches but always hope to!

  2. Everything looks great! that santa is adorable! Glad your thanksgiving was good! Have a great weekend!

  3. love your decorating...I started mine today some of the outside started..will start the inside tomorrow or monday.:)

  4. Dear Friend, Thanks so much for stopping by. I really appreciated your comment about living in the country. How fun that your son got to shoot for the first time! My Jacob adores shooting and hunting too. :o)

    I've thought of you so many times since I last visited and am praying the Lord is helping you in your family life.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  5. Aww, that was nice of Lori to send you a lil gift. I remember my brothers learning to hunt at the age of nine. They didn't have to take a safety course back then, but I wish they had to. I even went deer hunting when I was a teenager. lol... didn't bag me one though.
    That's darn good that Sam's hitting bulleyes.
    Sounds like things are going well, I'm glad to hear:) I'll be checking out Lori's blog.

  6. Love the beginnings of your Christmas decorating. The fruit is a nice added touch! Congrats to Sam!! My little Jack Russell shakes and shakes every time he hears a gun shot. Your 'Big Guy' looks really disgusted with your fence ;)

  7. What a sweet Santa and even sweeter that you received it from a blog friend! It looks right at home in the wooden tool box. The clementines look wonderful in the berry bucket and I'm sure they smell delicious!

    Good job Sam! But I will say that I am happy we don't have any hunters in our family.