Monday, November 8, 2010

A Visit To My Ground

This weekend I went for a drive & visited my ground. I took some photos of the ground & the area around it. There are beautiful views to see. History tells that the three mountains seen in the second & fifth photos the mountain on the left there is a large rock area there. When the leaves are all fallen off the trees you can see the large rock area. Many years ago the indians used this rock area as a watch site & shot arrows from there. It is called the indian chair. People have hunted & found indian arrow heads in the lower lands over the years.

I was given some of the ground about 2o years ago by my Pap & Gram. My Gram passed May of 2003 my Pap passed March of 2009. Pap willed me more ground that surrounds the previous ground I was given. This was a surprise to me. I never expected to receive this amazing gift. I wish I could move the property to the area I live in now. At this time I am not sure what I will be doing with the 4.71 acre property in the future. For now I will continue to think on the matter.

Before leaving the area I continued down the road to the property where I grew up. My Pap & Grams house. I could only see the surrounding ground & the old house from the outside. It is being changed by the new owner. Pap & Gram are no longer there waiting for me to bring my family home for the holidays. Oh how I miss them so. The banging screen door & squeaking wood door I no longer open & enter in to the warm cozy home filled with the scent of holiday meals. No hugs & good byes til the next visit home. I can not bring myself to make the short drive to the little country church near the house to visit their graves. Another time I may just do it. But the happy memories of Pap & Gram & their home are in my mind & heart forever.

We were given the ok to continue putting in the fish pond. The boys have been working hard to finish putting it in and filling the new fish pond with water & the fish. It has been a long project. The old fish pond has been removed & Lucas is filling in the open hole tonight. Winter is coming fast & we are running out of time for good weather. Sam is warm inside tonight by the electric fireplace. Laken is busy helping with the laundry. I am taking photos to share later.

We received a wonderful gift this past weekend also. I will only tell you a bit about it. The gift is wood & will need staining. It will be put in the area I have dreamed of having a box garden. Can you guess what it is?

Blessings Til Next Time.


  1. Oh wouldn't a cabin be wonderful on your land? The view is beautiful.
    Thank the Lord for the gift of wood for your box garden.

  2. I was so touched by your post today. The holidays bring us such a strange and wonderful combination of memories and fill our hearts and minds with the emotions and events we shared with those who have passed. This time of year brings me to miss my Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) and my Father very much. They both passed away within ten days of each other 14 years ago. It sometimes seems like so long ago, but other times like it was just yesterday.

    You Pap and Gram must have loved you so much to leave you that piece of land. It is such a gorgeous place. My goodness, what a blessing to you and your family. Whatever you decide to do with it, I'm sure you and your family will be able to enjoy it and share in the wonderful roots that you have deep in that ground.

    Blessings to you,
    Susan @CluckleBees
    Oh, by the way, the giveaway I'm hosting starts November 10th, so please come back that morning and enter under the post I put up that day. :-)
    Thank you. Sorry for any confusion my last post may have caused.