Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday At The Homestead

The sun is shinning with a slight breeze this Saturday. The windows are open & Laken & I have cleaned the homestead.

Lucas has mowed the back yard & trimmed around the rock bed's. The smell of fresh grass in the air. Finally the grass is growing where the old pond was. After the second seeding of grass seed. After the first time of seeding last fall hubby's dog dug up the area and rolled in the straw. Lucas put metal fence posts around the area & put wire around it to keep the dog out. Again this spring I had to reseed it.

Duck's & Chicken's are roaming the grounds.

Sam is caring for the little flock.

The four legged barking monster is tied at his two story dog house beside the neighbors two dog kennels for now. Only until hubby finishes mowing the front lot of the homestead then he will let the monster loose. The barking is non stop and is dose not help the neighbors two dogs are barking right along with hubby's dog. This is the area of the homestead I rarely visit. It dose not appeal to me. I am happy inside the rock bed's. I am thinking this would be a wonderful day for a cookout. I hope you all are having a lovely Saturday. I have another prayer request. My Lucas has an unspoken need. May Our Lord grant this request & may Our Lord shine down on you all with answered prayer's for your needs. Amen.

Blessing's Til Next Time!


  1. Hi, Lara
    Looks like a wonderful day at the homestead(okay minus the D~O~G!) The home looks great~ the yard so green & love the landscaping~ so perfect!!!

  2. Your children are so blessed to be growing up in your home.

  3. lol..Sounds like you and the 4 legged Monster are not the best of friends!! Hint to stop the barking..get a spray bottle add a little vinegar and when he barks give him a good squirt in the face... Vinegar water won't hurt him but not pleasant.. If praticed for a couple weeks usually will stop the barking.. then you can just keep the bottle handy to remind him not to bark...

    the chics have gotten so big and there little house is so darned cute.. I want one!!

    I love the smell of cut grass too.. My brother mowed yesterday and I was loving it!!

    Have a great Sunday!!


  4. Everything looks great, Lara! Don't you just love the smell of fresh mown grass?

  5. Looks beautiful! In spite of the dog! Those ducks are too cute! I can't wait to do SOMETHING out here! LOL! It needs to stop with the rain first!
    Have a good rest of the weekend!

  6. Everything looks so nice and fresh!
    I love your house!
    Happy Spring to you!

  7. Your home is so beautiful!
    Happy Spring to you and yours!

  8. Ah you do a wonderful job of maintaining your homestead and get so much pleasure from it. Everything looks beautiful and I can see you get alot of enjoyment from it.

  9. Fresh cut grass, trimmed rock beds, lovely spring warmth, yes, get the grill fired up. What a wonderful weekend you had versus our 'S-word' weather.
    Thanks for sharing hope of maybe ' summer?'
    Prayers a comin'

  10. the inside of your house is so nice! i would love to really fix my house up... but i'm hoping its not my "forever" house... so i'll save my dream plans for when that time comes!