Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Newest Creatures - Bunnies

Last week we added two new creatures to the homestead. Sweet little bunnies. They are quite playful & so soft. Not to mention so cute. Sam & I have been having much fun playing with the bunnies. Sam suffered one bunny bite to a finger & lost a good bit of blood. We think the bunny thought his finger was a carrot. At first Sam wanted to put it in the crock pot & serve it with gravy. He has since changed his mind & still loves both bunnies. These are their first photos. Taken the day we got them.

Meet Chestnut!

Meet Velveteen!

Sam watching our bunnies at play.

Munching fresh tender green grass.

Our chickens in the run enjoying the fresh air & sunshine while munching tender green grass. Oh how they have grown.

Each evening the neighbors cat comes to get a drink from the fish pond. I chat a bit to it. Soon it leaves & returns to the neighbors yard. No fish are missing. I continue to count them each day.

A wonderful gift that has kept giving me pleasure. Two years ago my son Atlee & my grand daughter Madison gave me a rose bush for my birthday. It is now full of beautiful fragrant roses.

I have been busy in the gardens & taking care of all the homestead creatures. I will have peas ready to pick in a few days. The green beans, pepper plants, tomatoes & onions are growing. I started cucumbers & sunflowers from seeds. The cucumbers are up. Hopes of pickles in little canning jars fill my thoughts. Sunflowers to bring smiles to us all. Come on & sprout! Considering moving the outhouse tool shed & trying to figure out where to place the bunny hutch. No real hurry. It wont be ready until next week. We are having one built very much like the chicken coop & outhouse tool shed.

Lucas has been working more hours since school is out. Sam had his sixth grade graduation. Laken got her drivers license. Moms a nerves are shot. One with a drivers licenses & the other with a drives permit. On Memorial Day Lucas was driving to a friends. I was right there with him. While stopped & waiting for on coming traffic to pass so we could cross the intersection we were almost rear ended by a truck behind us. I could only put hands on my head and look down as I said we are going to get hit. Thank God no hit. But a loud noise. A truck behind the truck that almost rear ended us went up on the bank & flipped over on its side. Lucas was really shaken up. I called 911. The driver suffered minor cuts. We waited until help came & a police officer spoke with us. The driver of the flipped truck could not get stopped. There was a long area of black marks. He had gotten new brakes two months ago but his truck just would not stop he said. The police officer said he had to be going to fast. Later I spoke to Lucas & there was an accident in front of his friends house. A car hit a tree & then left. A few night later Laken went to pick Lucas up from work. They should have been home but were not. It was almost midnight. I called them. They were almost home. There had been a motorcycle accident near the end of our lane. The driver hit a deer. He was flew by helicopter for treatment. The kids had to wait until the fire company left traffic thru. I would like to put them both in bumper cars instead of real vehicles. Thank God we are all safe & ok. We have heard the driver of the motorcycle is getting better. God be with all.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Hi Lara...Love the new Bunny's they are so cute..the chesnut one looks like it has a little wild bunny in it...Beautiful bunny!

    Sounds like the wheels of cars and kids behind them are trying your nerves.. been there done that it isn't a bit of fun for us parents!!

    Love the Kitty getting a fresh drink from the pond..they kitty's akk here drink from the pond too...Peg counts her fish every day too...LOL

    Have a Great Week enjoying your new critters!!


  2. Cute bunnies! Our kids used to have a bunny ~ they called him Fuzzy Buster.
    The kitty that comes to visit is adorable too!
    Kids and driving are not one of my favorite things ~ I taught both of my kids ~ I didn't like it when we had to go on the busy highway.
    Glad to hear everyone is o.k. ~ must have been scary.

  3. love your bunnies..they are so cute..and love their colors..glad to hear you and the kids were okay..love the kitty that came for the drink..she reminds me of our baby kitty..she has been in heaven for some time now...she was a love child.;)

  4. Oh its so scary to be on the road! You never know who is behind the wheels of the other cars, although we can't keep them sheltered forever, our mom's hearts would love too! So glad you all are ok and God's protection is on you all. God Bless Lara!!:0)