Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She Has Been Named Maggie

She has been named Maggie. The name fits I think. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. Maggie did not make it to the shop this month. I decided to offer her first on my blog. Maggie is rag stuffed for that heavy old time fill. Maggie is 10 inches tall. Maggie is my first stump doll. She is numbered signed & dated. If you would like to purchase her just leave a comment & email requesting to purchase Maggie along with your zip code. I bill by pay Pal. $25.oo plus SH & Insurance to your zip code. -------- SOLD --------

This week I cleaned out the outhouse tool shed & it was relocated. It it now located beside of the bunny hutch across from the chicken coop. This makes it so much easier when feeding the chickens & bunnies. All of their food & pine shavings for bedding are stored inside. I have started to add stones in front of it for a small walkway. Some flowers planted around it are in my future plans.

The latest new bloom at the homestead is the hibiscus. I placed it inside the gazebo. The humming birds are flying inside the gazebo to visit. I have yet to capture a photo of them. They are fast little creatures.

I would like to thank all of you for the kind comments & prayers for Laken & our family. They mean so much to me. May you all be blessed & your prayer needs be answered.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Maggie sounds like a very fitting name! The Hibiscus is beautiful!

  2. Maggie is great. You did a wonderful job on her.

  3. Lara
    Love the name for her~ Maggie!Glad you picked it~ She is prim perfect!
    The outhouse & chicken Coop look so cute~ Chickens are growing ,so pretty!!
    Hibiscus is just breathtaking! All your photos are so very pretty!
    hugs & prayers~ send Laken my best~ pumpkin pie sends her some kitty kisses~

  4. Love the chicken coop,the chickens are getting big!Great name for a prim perfect doll!Hugs,Jen

  5. Oh, I missed out:) I've been dealing with copycats taking my one of a kind designs and selling them as theirs.
    It's so good to hear Laken is doing well.
    Maggie is awesome and must've been snatched right up. I hope you make more:)
    Look at those beautiful chickens. Good idea to move the out shed for easy access of their foods and such. It all looks great together. You've got so much beauty around you hon. Lucky you:) Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  6. Hi Lara,
    First I want to say THANK YOU for visiting my blog just now and leaving some ADORABLE name suggestions.
    I have no way of contacting you because there is no e-mail address so thought I'd post here.
    Love your names...too cute.

    Glad you got MAGGIE named -

    Your 'grounds' are just beautiful.