Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Typical Day At The Homestead

My day stars with an early walk that I enjoy so much. Next it is on to tending to the creatures. Hubby doses the dogs & cats. I help with the ducks. I let the chickens out of the coop to roam about with the ducks while I make ready the run cage with fresh water & a little feed. On to the bunnies. When all the creatures are taken care of I clean up & head off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Today I felt like I was working at a restaurant again. No one wanted breakfast but then everyone wanted breakfast. I think they thought they were at a Dennys. Hubby even mentioned a grand slam.

Granola pancakes for Hubby & I. His with blueberry syrup (no photo because he ate them faster than I made them.) & mine with strawberry syrup, sliced fresh cherries, cherry yogurt & whip cream & bacon. Fresh fruit smoothies made with a mixture of what ever fresh fruit I have in the frig.

Buttermilk pancakes & bacon for Lucas.

Chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips & whip cream for Sam.
Hubbys supper cooked & packed for tonight. I tell him no one else gets packed meals like this. Meatballs, browned potato wedges & sliced tomatoes. I prepare him a meal four days a week to eat at work.

After Hubby & Lucas are at work I tend to the gardens. Watering & weeding keeps a healthy beautiful garden. I am waiting for a sign from God that I should do some cleaning inside the homestead. See I figure if it rains I should clean a little. LOL! Oh but I love being in the gardens & enjoy all the creatures we have. These are the newest blooms in the gardens this week.

Feeding the bunnies through out the day. Chestnut & Velveteen are eating good for us. They get a small dish of bunny pellets & fresh water. Their treats are a baby carrot, large green leaf from the yard & a leaf each from the mint & basil plants in the garden.

Steaks cooked on the grill with baked potatoes, mac & cheese,salad & bread. A cool mason jar of sweet tea to wash it all down. Later off to pick Lucas up from work. Then he has his midnight meal. A few hours later Hubby will return from work & want a bed time snack. My kitchen is never closed & the dishwasher is always full it seems. It will all start over in just a few short hours. Life may not always be perfect but I love my family & the homestead creatures. I enjoy taking care of the homestead & grounds & my family too! I am thankful for all of it. Thanks be to our amazing God!

Just A Thought To Ponder:
Always be thankful for what you have today because it could be gone tomorrow. Life is unsure & things can change in a blink of the eye.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Wow you are a busy lady !Lots of love to be felt around your home by the care you take of each creature ,human or animal .Love the rabbits ...have just a few of them myself,not to mention the chickens and ducks.

    Loved your thought to ponder ...very true! Thanks for sharing your day.Hugs,Jen

  2. Wow! What a treat to eat at your place, loved the trimmings on the pancakes, you made me hungry! Great photos! Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. Hey Lara, Loved all that food..I am coming to your I mean house for breakfast..i too am very thankful for my family, pets, house, and beautiful surroundings..;) thanks for sharing yours.;)

  4. Hi Lara, your kitchen sounds like mine when my boys were still home. Everyone's schedule was different and I spoiled them like you do yours.8-) Still do when they come home.
    Your homestead looks beautiful!!

  5. Lara, You are making me very hungry!!!!! Loved all your photos of your garden and your bunnies are so adorable!!! I had a bunny about 5 years ago. I miss him. He lived to be 10 years old. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  6. Lara can I come and live at your house??Please??!! It all looks so yummy! I love the way your chicken coop came out, it looks so country and peaceful at your homestead! And your gardens are beautiful! God Bless my friend!!:0)