Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Road Trip

The boys & I went on a road trip yesterday since Lucas was off work. He had worked six days straight. It gave him driving time. More practice. Yeah! We visited the shop where my creations are on consignment. When we opened the shop door the store keeper said your the doll lady & I sold a doll & I have to tell you what we are doing. He said we are closing the shop. My heart sank. Then he continued with only for the month of August. He said an auction company would be picking up all the shop items this weekend. He told me I could take my creations home with me or he would pack them & store them. He told me they would be using the shop area to expand their cafe & the little room where they have tables would be rented to an antique dealer. He told me he still wanted to sell my dolls & other creations in his cafe. I was asked if I could have fall creations ready by September & Christmas creations ready by December. Well I will be working on some new creations in the weeks to come as time allows while the cafe is getting a fresh new color of paint. I was happy he still wanted my creations & hear how much he loves the dolls. He also told me what all creations had sold. He was as tickled as I was that one of the dolls sold this month. He told me the lady was so happy with the doll & she even bought the chair to set her in. I love to hear that one of my creations that God has allowed me to create brings so much joy to the buyer. The boys & I stopped for supper out on the way home. This was a fun treat for all of us. No dishes for mom or kitchen to clean. Yeah!

This is the doll that sold this month. Andy is # 10 in my jointed doll collection.

Beautiful lilies are in bloom. I love the vivid colors of their throats.

A basket of fresh green beans have been picked to steam & some onions have been dug.

Atlee his girlfriend Samantha & my Granddaughters gave me this beautiful black wall cabinet. I do so love it. For now it hangs in the kitchen entry way. I hope to have one of Maggies sisters done very soon. When I do I will be asking you all to help name her. Wishing you all a good night as I close this post & sending thanks for all your prayers you have lifted & layed at our saviors feet.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Lara, congrats on the sell of the dolly and hopefully more for the future..love your flowers and fresh veggies..love your prim cabinet too...have a wonderful wednesday.:)

  2. Hi Lara, glad you got to have a some time away on a road trip, sounds like fun!! Congrats on the sale!!
    Your veggies look divine and I love the wall cabinet!!
    Have a great day!!

  3. The trip out and time with the boys, as well as dinner out, sounds like the little pick-you-up you needed! Glad it was a happy one - and congrats on the sale and potentially good news about continued opportunities. Those green beans look heavenly...Yummo!!! Have a wonderful rest of your week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Well, this is good news the store is getting improvements and great they requested more from you. That's super you got to eat out with the kids and NO dirty dishes! Give the cook a break:)
    Those fresh veggies look awesome!

  5. hi, Lara
    Time away on a little outing is always nice~
    Love your doll~
    Your veggies look so yummy, the flowers pretty, and the cuboard is beautiful with a wonderful display~
    keep cool~ too hot today~
    smiles & blessings~

  6. Congratulations on your sales! That is wonderful! You are so talented!!

    How is your daughter doing? I have been keeping her in my prayers.

    Many blessings,