Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Every Day Happenings - More Dolls In The Makings

Every day life is happening here at the homestead this week. The weather has been very hot. The gardens have been in need of their thirst being quenched. No rain for them to drink but a fast sprinkle from the garden hose keeps all from wilting. Lucas found the little toad at the basement entryway before going off to work. This is the first toad we have seen this summer. It enjoyed a swim in the cool water amongst the swimming fish. Glints of orange came to the top of the rippling water to see the new creature swimming amongst them then the glints of orange would submerge them selves deep into the pond bottom. Well you know how much I enjoy such simple things of nature.

Maggie has been adopted by a loving prim homesteader. She left the homestead on her journey to her new home. I will soon be sharing her sisters with you. They are in the makings at this time. Be sure to watch for a post about them. I would like you all to help name Maggies sisters soon.

Off I must be going to tend to the creatures of the homestead. All will need their evening snacks & fresh cold water to quench their thirst. The chickens will be going to their roost then I to the gazebo I will have a mason jar of fresh sweet tea cooling in the ice box just waiting for me after all are bedded down for the evening.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Hi Lara,
    I remember catching these teeny tiny little bigger than a thumb, when I went to visit my cousin in South Carolina one year :) :) Precious memories.

    Your Maggie doll is gorgeous. I'm glad she fuond a good forever home.

    Oh, go feed the creatures :) :) I'm curious about your ice box. I'd love to have one in the apartment...really, truly...and old-fashioned one with a huge chunk of ice. Although, I don't know if anyone makes huge chunks of ice anymore here...but I could certainly buy a bag of ice... yes, I'd rather have that than a refrigerator right now :) :)

    Have a lovely evening. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Glad Maggie found a forever home , hope she has safe happy travels! Sounds like a busy day at the homeplace , hope that tea quenches your thirst and finds you amongst serenity of the evening! hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. Gotta love nature ~ cute pic of the frog!
    Your doll Maggie is beautiful!
    Enjoy your tea after working so hard at the homestead.
    Prim Blessings

  4. Wonderful that Maggie has found a forever home.Cute frog picture, nature is a beautiful thing. Hope that you had a wonderful evening,Jen

  5. Hi there Lara, hope you had a wonderful evening with your ice cold tea.;)

  6. Maggie is adorable, Can't wait to see her sisters!

  7. hi, Lara
    What a cute little toad~~
    Geesh I am having problems with my computer~ and with not seeing everyone's posts~ I feel horrible~ I sent you an e-mail on pretty Maggie~ I received her( a few days back) and the little mouse( so sweet) I love them both~ seem like folks aren't getting my e-mails & I am not getting their's~ Geesh~and I don't think blogger is posting all of the blogs I follow ~ I have missed many of the blogland posts~ I though everyone was just busy with summer and not posting then I see I post ~ go back and boom I have missed several~

    So I received your re-sent e-mail tonight & e-mailed you back~ worried you won't get it I came to your blog & boom a post I didn't see~
    Probably this crazy full Moon overlooking us~ LOL~ We will just blame it on the Moon~LOL~
    Hugs to you for being so creative~ wonderful work on Maggie~ and the Mouse( Whiskers!!!)

  8. Hope you are having a lovely week! I just got back from vacation and trying to catch up with everyone! Many blessings!