Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grease Rust Steam Show

Last Saturday we visited a Grease Rust Steam Show.There were plenty of tractors for Sam to see. There was a flea market set up also. There was a very large old lock with a skeleton key at one of the booths I would have loved to have purchased to hang from one of the pegs on the peg board but it was way more than I could afford or even would have considered paying. A whopping $200.00. As you can guess I passed it up.

Sam and I always love to visit the animals of course. We so love the donkey. We would love to add a donkey to the our homestead collection of pets.

There was something so peaceful about watching this long horn just chew and chew.

The sheep was very curious and was willing to pose for its photo shoot.

This little piggy is so so cute. If they could just stay little. Sam and I would love to add all these creatures to the homestead some day. For now we will just have to visit them at special events.

I always find sawmills fascinating. My Pap owned and ran his own sawmill until he retired. So you might say it is in my blood. The smell of wood and saw dust smells so fresh. I like to visit the wood section of Lowes not only to bring boards home but to smell the wood.

Steam engines are a favorite too. The sound of the chugging and puffing of thick smoke clouds filling the sky. The bell rings out. They move so slow but did much work in the earlier days.

My Pap was always fond of steam engines too. In fact he built a small replica of one. It ran off gas not steam. We purchased it at the public sale after he passed. It needs alot of work. We would like to put it in the fall parade some day.

The day was full of fun for us. Of course we had fresh cut french fries soda and hand dipped ice cream to end the day before we left.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. I love the photos you shared..that would have been a fun place to the steam engines..hubby would to..hey have you heard of a Z-Donk...its a cross between and donkey and a zebra...they had one at our fair a couple of years ago..let me know and I will send you photos.;)shoot me an email..;)

  2. It seems that every farm town has a fall/farm festival, showing off their old tractors and farm critters and creations. There is one here locally that draws a 100,000 people or so every year. There are fields full of campers and cars. Unfortunately, it is too big for us so we avoid it most years. This year, will be different. We will go. They have a new cookbook out and I collect their cookbooks ( have all so far and don't want to miss one!). Hubby is good about that. Besides, all the churches serve meals and I know there will be food waiting for him! There is an Indian fry-bread booth that always has a line about a block long of folks waiting for their piece! And the gunfights and train robberies are popular with all the young people. This all happens for 5 days every fall ending on Labor Day. The train runs also during Halloween-on weekends- as well and is called the Mystery
    train cuz they have all kinds of eerie things set up along the tracks.They turn one of the old barns into a Haunted House. Weekends at Christmas, they call it the Santa train and have Santa ride with the kids.
    I, too, love donkeys. Pam, Georgia Farmwoman, has a great one named Jack that I love to follow his antics. I am particularly fond of pygmy goats but hubby says they had them on the farm when he was a kid and they are too full of much mischief. *sigh* We do live in a really small town ( pop.103 ) and many people have critters we get to enjoy. Nothing sadder than when they take a colt away from its mare or the mares from the stallion. Horses do get worked up and noisy!
    I am so glad you shared this experience with us. Now I am looking forward to going to our Old Threshers Reunion!
    Thanks! Linda

  3. Looks like a great time! I love all the pictures of the animals. It's funny you mentioned liking the smell of wood, my Mom is the same way! LOL Hope you have a great evening.

  4. these are fantastic photos. This is the kind of fun I like to those animals are so cute!!! Have a great weekend. love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)