Monday, August 30, 2010

Lucky Enjoys A Swim

Lucky is in my granite ware dish pan for a swim. The little webbed feet begin to paddle and stir the water.

Luckys head dips under the water.

Lucky is searching for some food while under the water.

Lucky can not find any fish to eat in the pan.

Lucky ends the swim by paddling around the pan.

Lucky has grown but can still fit through the birdcage door opening.

For now Luck is still living in a bird cage. Lucky likes the safety of the birdcage and comfy wood shavings. It will not be long before Lucky will out grow the birdcage and will have to move in with the other ducks. Lucky is really tame at this point. If I walk away while Lucky is swimming Lucky will jump out and follow me. Lucky dose not know its a duck and not a house pet yet. Lucky will first move into the bunny hutch before being put with the other ducks. By then Lucky will have a full body of feathers.

Blessing Til Next Time!


  1. Lucky is soooo adorable! Thanks for sharing this! Made me smile.

  2. oh he is just darling.I love his little swimming antics!! what a little stinker.:)

  3. How adorable!! Where did you get him?

  4. Ohhhhh how sweet!!!
    Thanks for sharing Lucky with us.