Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where Can I Find Those Beautiful Colonial Coverlet Runners

I really like the colonial runners I have seen displayed on blanket cranes, quilt racks & tables. I have seen these in photos on many blogs. I have seen the bed coverlets in some magazines but not the runners. If you know of a web address I can just purchase them from please comment on this post. There are no shops in my area that have these. To find any prims you have to now travel about 30 miles. The prim thing is not big in my area. Thanks!

Blessings til next time!


  1. Hummm...
    I'm not sure where you can find one.
    I'll keep an eye out for sites that offer them.
    If I find one I'll let you know.

    Sorry, I cant be more help.

  2. I found a couple Of sites. I hope this helps.

    And if all else fails you could always check ebay!

    Sorry I couldn't be more help!

    Gen @Olde Pear Primitives

  3. heres a link..

  4. has woven coverlets, table throws, runners, etc. Also, do a search for lover's knot or woven throws on eBay. I used to see them all the time on eBay, but now, I can't hardly find any at all. Hope this helps. Barb

  5. HI! I got my special package today and I love her just as much as I thought I would. She is just perfect for me! Thank you so much for everything in the package. It is an awesome giveaway package.
    BTW~ I have no info on the colonial textiles. I have tried every fabric shop for over 100 miles cuz I would be making some runners right now!


  7. Well you're fortunate you only have to travel 30 miles to find some prims... we have to travel to another state!! Oklahoma is full of antique shops and flea markets but none of us prim girls can find a prim store. It's just not big in this state at all and it's so very sad!

    I was thinking the same thing earlier today... I need a coverlet for my kitchen table and was wondering the same thing.