Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What We Have Been Up To

One of our little kittens sure likes to sit in the flower baskets hanging in the gazebo. She sure looks much better than the dried half dead flowers that were in the basket. I watered them but the heat was just to much. They looked better hanging empty than with half dead flowers.

Lucas & Sam still have to get the pond hole a little deeper for the new pond. You can see the old pond wall is caving more and letting out the water. We have had to put the job off for now since Sam is taking swimming lessons this week and Lucas is caring for the church grounds. Lucas will be planting shrubs at the church soon. He is just waiting for the Pastor to get the shrubs and give the go ahead.

I finally was able to get a photo of the little frog who lives in the pond. It likes to sit inside this stone ledge while the over hang shades him or her.

I started some dolls but I am not getting much done in the craft area right now. My daughter Laken has came back to the nest. She got a job and is doing on the job training. We have been working on the peg board for the LVR. It has been an ongoing project this week. I was not really happy with what we came up with so we are going to Lowes for another board soon. We took photos to share when we are finished. It has been interesting. You will just have to check back and see for your selves. I received my Country Living magazine the other day and I just love this house make over they featured in it. I am not crazy about the size change in the magazine. I keep all my issues and they fit just right in my metal picnic tins. The new larger issue will not fit. Really I hope they go back to the smaller size. I wish you all lots of happiness in the days to come.

Blessing til next time!


  1. I love the kitten in the planter! So cute! i've missed you, sounds like you've been keeping busy! Hope you have a great week!

  2. oh that kitten just melts my heart..what a little stinker...:) can't wait to see what you are making...I just got my CL magazine yesterday...can't wait to read it..have a wonderful wednesday...:)

  3. The little kitty has a hammock to lounge in while watching the world go by. Not a bad way to spend these hot summer days. Just like the frog. Find some place comfy and cool and sit back and enjoy.


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the sweet comment! Hope you all have fun swimming! So glad to hear you tried the pancake recipe, we enjoy it too. Yes my slow cooker... I love it! Silly me I wasn't even thinking of cooking a meal in it. LOL I guess when you don't have an oven you get disoriented in the kitchen plans. LOL We are low on $$ until this Friday, end of the month is always that way. So I don't have a lot to throw together, but I'm working on a new plan!
    Have a great evening!