Monday, September 13, 2010

Day Dreaming Of A Veggie Garden

As I sat on the swing inside the arbor trying to ignore the sharp pain in my back side & stomach all while feeling the urge to vomit I kept going over & over in my mind just how stupid it all seems to me that I will have to see my family doctor again before I can be seen by the urologist the hospital E.R. doctor advised me to have follow up treatment with A.S.A.P. To top it all off the urologist told me I had to contact my health insurance company to see if I would be covered & if they were in the network. I sure did not feel up to this & thought that was the docotrs job not mine. But it is done. Needless to say it upset me & caused stress I did not need. This kidney stone is a pain every where but my butt.

I took a new magazine and some old magazines from my stash to the gazebo thinking maybe I could read some and relax. I have been thinking a lot lately about planting more veggies to try canning again. The spot above the gazebo would be perfect for that. I was thinking I would like a small potting shed to start plants in & do some canning in. I am wanting an old cook stove in the potting shed for a little heat to start seedlings in the early spring and heat for canning all the many wonderful veggies I dream of growing.

The new garden magazine had an article about box gardening with a potting shed in the middle. Here it was the type garden I have been dreaming about. I would not need a tractor or plow for this kind of garden. Oh but I do like tractors. But I would need railroad ties & a potting shed.

In another magazine I found an article about sheds others put on their properties. I really like this one. I can just see me rocking in a rocking chair on the little porch of the potting shed as rain softly falls down to water my thirsty veggie plants as they stretch & grow. Of course while blooming & producing veggies to.

If I could just find another gazebo similar to the design I have in the flower garden I could close it in to get the potting shed. It would match every thing else here at the homestead to.

This would be the front of the veggie garden. A nice cedar rail fence and another arbor to enter into the veggie garden would be lovely.

This would be the back side of the veggie garden.

A side view of the veggie garden.

The other side view of the veggie garden.

The inside view of the veggie garden. It would need a lot of work to create my dream veggie garden. Well some dreams do come true so I am crossing my fingers. They do not hurt. I talked to some one about some free railroad ties that were to be gotten rid of. They are to check on them & get back to me. Hurry! They could be the start of my dream come true. You see I really need this dream to come true because I bought 5 dozen jars & a pressure canner last Saturday. That will be another post in its self another time. I have a vision in my mind of that dream pantry I told you all about in another post. In the dream pantry my shelves are filled with my canned veggies & deer meat.

I am still not feeling well but dreaming and sharing this post have helped pass some time for me. I will be taking my splitting head ace & retiring to my soft bed to rest on my heating pad now & hope I can get some sleep.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Oh I hope you feel better soon...and I hope the doctors hurry up and get you feeling better..I love the idea for your new gardening shed...have a good one and I hope you get some sleep..:)

  2. I'm so sorry that you are feeling so bad. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you get things taken care of and soon. It's great that you have insurance but doesn't it make you mad that you have to go thru so much crap to use it! Love your vision for your Veggie Garden. Keep the faith. It will become a reality for you.
    Hugs and Prayers,

  3. So sorry you have been in so much pain. I will be praying for you. Your veggie garden plan sounds wonderful! I hope it comes true for you! You also seem to have a guardian of the veggies already in place! The beautiful yellow lab :-) Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Hi Lara,

    When you can stop by my blog, I have an award for you. I was awarded my first blog award and I get to share so I featured you in my top picks. :-) Blessings,
    Hope you are feeling better!!