Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Long Day

I went to my doctors appointment at the urologists today. It was a little wait. The doctor had surgery at the hospital. I hated waiting. The longer I waited the more I worried. After being in pain a month now and all the complications I have had since the surgery I was thinking that I would not mind being put to sleep for this. They do not put you to sleep to have the stint removed. Well I guess to bad I would just have to go threw with it. The nurse called my name & I followed her to the room. I was a bit taken back when I entered the room. It was a little operating room set up right there in the doctors office. I knew my husband (he did take me & waited in the waiting room for me) would not believe it so after the nurse informed me of what I was to do to get ready I took some pics with my cell phone. I try ed to load them to my computer but it did not work out. The nurse came back in and prep ed me. Good thing she asked about iodine. They were going to use it. I am allergic. The nurse was nice & answered my questions. It was great to have her to talk to before the doctor came in. He removed the stint. I was glad the nurse had put numbing gel on before hand. But I could still feel some what. I was told it would be nothing compared to the pain I had when the kidney stone was in there. Well that was all fine and good but after being in pain since the last week of August I did not want no more added pain. I was told during the surgery the kidney stone in the urethra tube had spurs on it & was wedged fast & I would have never passed it. Another larger stone was removed from my kidney also. There is still trace build up in my kidney that can form larger kidney stones. Oh my just great to hear. Not that I would want to go threw childbirth again at this stage in my life but I have to say I would have rather went threw labor & childbirth then have kidney stones. It was easier. My throat is still bothering me due to the breathing tube during surgery. The doctor did not seem to be concerned about that. I was told the pain stomach sickness & vomiting should now go away. I was set up for more blood work & an ultra sound of my kidney & another follow up appointment. Thank God I have insurance. I just pray it will pay all the hospital & doctor bills. I pray I never get another kidney stone.
I am hoping I am feeling well enough to travel to a fall festival this Saturday. It is a bit of a drive. I have attended it for many years and it is such fun. They always have great food. I want to be able to eat something good to. I lost 8 pounds since the surgery so I can try a few extra goodies. The festival has a web address if you would like to visit it. www.bedfordfallfestival.com

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Hi there, just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. I was excited to see the first follower that I don't even know but could tell we have much in commmon by our interests. I do hope you are in good health again soon! I will be adding you to my blog list and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. sorry to hear you had to go through all day. i hope you're feeling better soon. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.