Monday, September 13, 2010

Relaxing In The garden

So nice to relax in the gazebo as the breeze blows thru. Tired I am & not feeling great. I spent the biggest part of last Thursday in the Doctors office & Friday in the hospital E.R. Now waiting for my next doctors appointment with my family doctor Then on to the urologist not this Tuesday but next Tuesday. I believe they like to all get a cut. However I am not enjoying the pain I am in while waiting. To top it off I had to do the contacting of my health care insurance myself.

The sunflowers have started to bloom!

Autumn sedium has bloomed & this happy yellow butterfly is enjoying it.

Ageratum is a bit late blooming but I welcome it.

Muffin is relaxing on a rock soaking up shade & sun both.

Miss White is relaxing on the soft chase on the porch.

Lucky is growing & has moved to the bunny hutch to get acquainted with the other ducks in the duck house next door.

Many other thing are going on here at the homestead including staning the cedar siding. I will let you in on that soon.

Blessings Til Next Time!

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  1. oh your babies are just the cats meow!!! and that little just your flowers..still no sunflowers here..but my autumn joy like yours is blooming;) i love it.;) have a great week ahead...;)