Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Home Canning Questions

Many of the blogs I follow post about their own food they grow in there gardens that they lovingly attend. The bounty of the harvest is now being gathered and they are canning their food. Many years ago Gram & I also did this together. I would like to start doing this again but I need a little advise from you experienced canners.

The homestead owner & I made a trip to the Lowes store recently so he could pick up stain for the cedar siding. I picked up a ball blue book guide to perserving & utensil set. I already had a dozen jars in the basement to bring upstairs.

After looking & reading the ball blue book I was in question as to do I need a pressure canner & a boiling water canner both? The book pretty much told pressure canners for meats & veggies & the water boiling canner for jellies & fruits. I only remember my Gram using a pressure canner for every thing we canned. Another question I have is can I even use a canner on my stove? I remember some time back a girl at church was getting a new stove but was told you can not do canning on my kind of stove. I call this my Cinderella stove because I spend so much time cleaning it after cooking a meal. Some of the marks do not even come off. I like to hide the stove top because of this and I love the way you can make the kitchen look primitive by using a dough board on it.

This was my solution to hiding and priming the stove top. If you have any tips or suggestions to help me decide what type canner I will need or even if I need both types it would me most helpful for me. The boys will be going out into the woods to hunt those poor pretty deer down in the coming weeks. I would like to can the meat. I love seeing jars lined up with foods preserved for the winter. I have enjoyed the wonderful photos other bloggers have shared of their harvested bounty. So I will be waiting to hear from you all. Thanks much.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. The only thing I've ever canned are tomatoes and I don't use a pressure canner. I just use a big pot, keep the jars boiling hot then pour in the boiling hot liquid into the jars. Then they seal themselves. I think the key is to make sure the lids are sealed so no bacteria gets in there. Hope this helps!!

  2. I use the boiling kettle canner also.I was told not to can on my ceramic top stove by some relatives,but my friend cans on hers,so I did too this year,I canned tomatoes.I see no reason not too,nothing bad happenned.Of course,I`m like you,I clean & clean the top then...phylliso

  3. I use my big regular canner that my mom used the kind you see with the metal thing in the bottom to put the jars in..and I was never told not to can with my stove like yours..I do it all the time..made my strawberry jam on the 4th of july..I have been doing it for the 4 years I have had my stove...have a great time..I have not used a pressure cooker..hubby has..I just know if you are cooking me it takes 1/2 the time..do a little google research on this to see.,;) have a great tuesday..;)

  4. I have never used my ceramic top stove to can but I do prepare my veggies on it. I just worry about scratching it. I use my gas range in the summer kitchen to can. We use a pressure canner. Takes a lot less time. If you have a burner on the side of your gas grill, it would work, too. But if CatNap says its ok, it must be and you are already covering your stove top when not in use, so why not? My sister uses her oven to can and has for 35 years but I have never even asked her how that works. LOL
    We do can everything---beef, chicken, fish, fruit, vegetables, juices, soups, sloppy joes, jellies..... Just be sure to follow the instructions in the book and you will do well. I wash my jars and hot rinse but I have never sterilized them. I have never boiled seals. And I have never lost a jar. Except for the time I did potatoes and didn't process long enough. Lost every jar then. Bad deal. So follow the instructions for time. Deer meat sounds great. You would need to cut it into chunks, cook it all in a big roaster, using whatever seasoning you usually use. Beef roast works really well so venison should. Let us know how it turns out.
    Have you ever done crockpot apple butter? It is time for apples and it is so easy. Check it out on my blog Parker's General.

  5. I use the water canner for all my canning and I do a LOT! I even can meat with it, venison, moose, fish. When I was looking for a new stove I stayed away from the ceramic top (even though that's what I originally wanted) because I was told that you couldn't can on them. Then the saleman retracted that statement and said Yes I could can on it; but he guaranteed that I would be contributing to the death of my burner because of the weight of the canner. It didn't have anything to do with the size of it. So... I got a gas stove. In fact, I do ALL my canning now on an outside turkey cooker. I love it. No heat and steam in the house anymore.

  6. I have a pressure canner and a water bath pot. I know people who just do everything by water bath...but I liked to do my green beans and corn in the pressure canner to ensure a good seal. Also...when you water bath, for example, green beans, you have to process for 3 hours. With the pressure canner, you process for 25 minutes (once it reaches the right pressure). I have done my spag. sauce, peaches, and jams in the water bath. :)

    I am not sure about your type of stove...I'm sorry! Maybe the other ladies who are commenting above, know more about that! :)

    I hope I have been helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions, I am happy to help!

    Katy :)