Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain Dancing On The Tin Roof

As I woke today I heard the sound of rain dancing on the tin roof. Such a soothing sound. Looking out the window I seen the rain falling & raindrops running down the glass panes.

No spending time in the garden today so on this dreary day I tinkered around the homestead adding a little more of fall inside while being warmed by the fireplace.

The kitchen tree has been waiting to be decorated for fall. Pears & pumpkins have been added.

Its beginning to look more like fall here. The scarecrow has been hung to great family as they come in the kitchen door.

Our calender has been changed to October & a new fall scene has been inserted in the frame.

Tonight Sam works to get his leaf collection done. The leaves are turning color & falling to the ground outside. We are hoping he will have enough. While waiting for them to press flat we thought they were safe. Some had became to brittle. Some stems fell off. Some needles fell off. What will this young man do?

The warm cozy scent of clove lingers in the air as we get ready for bed. Time to turn out the lights & rest our tired heads on our soft pillows. Good nite everyone.

Blessings Til Next Time!