Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tulip Bulbs Planted & A Drive In The Country

Last week I received a package from the mail order catalog company that I have ordered flower bulbs from for years. These were replacement bulbs. The bulbs that I planted last fall did not come up this spring. I called & they said they would replace them at there cost. Well they came & have been in the frig. Ten extra ones at that. How cool. Rocky asked me today why those bulbs were in the frig. I had forgotten about them. It was a bit cool outside today. I figured I better try & start getting them planted. So thats what I set out to do. After some time all 60 bulbs were in & I had cleaned up one of the little flowerbeds. I was tuckered out.

This is how time went by. Three little tulip bulbs with the pointed end up fill this hole. I read a story in a Birds & Bloom Magazine a long time ago that a lady was asked by here neighbor if she planted her tulip bulbs with the points up. She said yes but had not. The neighbor lady told her that when the points are planted down the tulips will not come up. The lady who planted the bulbs waited until her neighbor went to bed that night & with her flashlight dug up the bulbs & replanted them with the points up. She laughed when they bloomed the next spring & her neighbor admired the tulips. Knowing what she did she never told her neighbor. I thought this was funny.

While digging this hole to fill with tulip bulbs I found this little plastic toy army plane. Sam used to play in my flowerbeds while I worked. From time to time I still dig up plastic army soldiers & now this plane. These are surprises left behind by my Sam that bring back sweet memories.

The hole for the new pond is still not deep enough. The liner has been cleaned. I wanted to put it away for the winter. Rocky thinks there will still be a few warmer days that we could finish it. Yep I told him. I know what we means. It always means me. There is no we when it comes to the garden. It is me. Right now the holes for the tulip bulbs were more than enough for me. I think I will have the boys take the liner to the barn for the winter. I will wait & see if he digs the hole deeper. Hunting season is just around the corner.

After planting the tulip bulbs & cleaning up the flowerbed a bit Laken & I went for a short drive in the country. We saw some interesting things today. These sweet alpacas at a neighbors farm. They started raising them this summer. They are so curious and cute. There is a donkey farm close by to this farm but we did not drive down that road today. Two creatures Sam & would love to have here at the homestead.
Another interesting site we seen today was the tractors. This family always pulls out the Ford tractor collection this time of year. Fall Foliage is a really big thing in this area. Many people fill there yards with antique farm machinery. Lots of mums pumpkins and good old scarecrows to.

No matter how many times we see this same collection it is a wonderful treat to see it again. Sam calls them Henry tractors. Sam was just a toddler when Rocky bought one & Sam named it Henry. A few years later Rocky sold good old Henry & Sam was really upset. To help take his mind off of it I gave Sam a new sand bucket & sand toys. It did not work throw. So the name Henry always stuck. When we see an old Ford tractor it is a Henry tractor.

When we returned to the homestead after our drive in the country I noticed muffin fast asleep in the box the tulip bulbs were shipped in. By the time I got the camera ready she was awake. Muffin did not leave the box to greet us instead she stayed inside the little box. I guess for warmth. I hope there will be some more warm days ahead so I can finish cleaning the flowerbeds. It seems like just yesterday I was planting flowers for summer. It is always sad to see the frost get the flowers. I wish I could have a dome over the garden that keeps summer there all year round. Winter can be every where else. The show Star Gate Atlantis has a dome so why cant I have one to? Lots of laughs. Since thats not going to happen I have been adding dried & silk flowers inside the homestead for seasonal color.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. I love planting flower, bulbs, I simply love gardening, it is so relaxing!
    I enjoyed the story, so cute!
    I hope you share the flowers with us in the spring!
    And Muffin is so cute!!
    thanks for sharing!