Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Golden Day

After putting my pics on the computer I discovered most of the things I did Wednesday looked a bit golden in color. Truly it was not planned that way. How funny! Maybe even a bit dull.

This little guy has been keeping me company for the last week. He lives at the barn during the warm summer months & inside the homestead during the cold winter months. He had a warm sudsy bath when Rocky brought him down to the homestead. He was a little cold that day so he enjoyed the warm water. He like to sleep in the old clothes basket near us. We all move the basket around from room to room. At bedtime he sleeps in Sams bedroom. He & Sam are happy together.

I have been seeing so many black cats on so many blogs these days. I thought I would make one for myself. So I grabbed my paper pencil & scissors and got started. I was thinking of the best piece of fabric I would use. Yes the dark gray with black stripes spaced far apart. This was a yard piece I got this summer. I dug & dug in my stash of fabric. The draws the baskets & boxes. More than once I looked. Well I dont know where I put it now. I decided on another piece of fabric. But when I find the other fabric I will make another cat out of it. That really bugged me.

On to the next thing I wanted to do today. I wanted to try a new recipe for apple crisp. Still plenty of apples in Grams old yellow ware bowl. All ingredients were in the baking dish & ready for the oven. Sam Lucas & I worked on the leaf collections while it baked. Will we ever get them done? Will they be done on time?

The oven timer went off letting me know it was done. I had to taste it while it was nice & hot. I like it best then. Sure was yummy to! Letting it to cool while we ate chicken from the slower cooker & hand cut fried french fries. Oh no I did not get a pic of that. Hey they were even the same golden color. I got the recipe from the busybee09-busybee blog spot Last Of September post. You may have some apples & want to try her recipe yourself.

The last coverlet I got was in a shopping bag waithing to be used. I put it on the back off the couch to see how it would look. I liked it there so it will stay for now. I got it for my bedroom redo but who knows when that will happen. It seemed sad to leave such a beautiful coverlet in a shopping bag & not enjoy it.

A little chill in the air here in the homestead living room tonight so we turned on the electric fireplace again tonight & had some hot chocolate before Sam went off to bed tonight.

Well this is the fabric I settled for for now. It kind of looks like fur dont you think? I hope to get some more done to it Thursday before Laken goes off to work. I have a vision in my head of how I want it to look. I hope to share it with all of you soon. So you see what I mean about a golden day? Lucas & Laken are headed off to bed now so I will to.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. sounds like you had a very nice day, apple crisp( looks so yummy, makes me hungry!)I can't wait to see the cat!I am curious as a cat to see what you come up with! Oh my a nice fireplace & hot chocolate how relaxing( pretty>>>pretty hydrangas.)
    Thanks for sharing!have a nice day

  2. Your little dog is so adorable! That apple crisp looks wonderful!Can't wait to see your cat finished. ;-)
    Have a lovely afternoon!

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