Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bless Sams Heart

Bless my Sams heart. That sweet child seen the tops of some corn stalks that had blown into the homestead field when he was walking home last night. When Sam came thru the door he handed them to me. I asked were did you get these. As he told me he said you wanted some of these to put in a crock. Oh boy the sweet child heard & remembered me saying that as we drove by a corn field days ago. There were not enough to fill a crock but I put them in a fall display I had on Paps pine chest in front of the electric fireplace. I love them & my Sam.

Today I tryed to busy myself by uncovering the sewing machine to sit down & do a little crafting as I looked out on the garden. There are still a few flowers blooming to enjoy for a very short time. Our area is calling for a frost in the next few days.

I have been wanting to re do the scarecrow by adding some more primitive clothing & buttons so this is what I am working on today.

The scarecrows head was already off & just needed glued. He has been that was for years. I need to get a glue gun soon. Off came his arms & legs & those ugly bright colored buttons. Now to look for some fabric that will give him the look I am after.

Before I go I wanted to share this old mill Sam & I visited. I think it is just beautiful. Years ago the water wheel was attached & provided the power to turn the grinding stone. I would imagine they are using more updated ways now. We purchased a bag of fresh ground buckwheat flour. Sam really likes the buckwheat cakes with syrup for breakfast. I dont like them myself but they are healthy & it is hard to find things he likes to eat other than sugar filled foods. I think what a beautiful home this old mill could be made into. Rock flower beds would be beautiful around the water area & ducks swimming on the water. A wonderful gazebo to have family picnics. Just letting my mind drift & dream a little bit. I had my days mixed up yesterday & thought I was to start the 24 hr kidney test on Thursday but it was today so I am following the instructions & getting it done as the day passes.

Blessings Til Next Time!

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  1. Aww, Sam wants his mum to be happy. So you are refurbishing an old scarecrow. That'll be fun:)
    I've always loved the old barns that have been made into homes.