Thursday, October 7, 2010

Face Stitching & Pod Gathering

The cat has some personality now that it has a stitched face.

More work to be done. The old cat needs a tail too & a back side!

It was a bit windy here today but the sun was shinning & warm outside. I ventured outside & down the dirt lane looking for trees I saw weeks ago with large deep red pods hanging from it. I wanted to cut some off before the frost hits.

I cut a shopping bag full of these & bunched them together to be hung & dried. For now I will hang them from my peg board. I thought they would be beautiful stuck in amongst the homestead Christmas tree branches this year. I have no idea what they are called. I am hoping Rocky can take me out this weekend to cut these yellow weeds I saw last weekend. I think they would look great amongst the homestead Christmas tree branches with the deep red pods.

I had forgot this was the night the Marianna hoagies would come home from school. This was a great surprise when Lucas came in the door after school tonight. I did not have to cook. Good thing because I did not have a clue what we were having. Rocky took Laken to work on his way to work so she will eat at work tonight. Laken will not eat a hoagie. I packed Rocky a meal with the hand cut fried french fries chicken & apple crisp I made last night. No dishes tonight. Ya! Sam has got to finish his leaf collection tonight. It has got to be turned in tomorrow. He only has the table of contents left to do. I am sure Lucas wants the computer & we must get started on the leaf collection so I will say bye for now.

Blessings Til Next Time!