Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Country Drive & Yard Work

We enjoyed a ride in the country. The leaves are now changing color really fast. This beautiful view is not far from the homestead. The large body of water really stands out surrounded by all the fall colors.

We stopped at a place that makes storage buildings. We just found this place while driving. It was not open but we looked around. This beautiful cabin was locked but we could see in the windows some what. All we seen was beautiful. Wood floors & kitchen cupboards. A wood stove in the little living room corner. There was even two outhouses & a waterfall with shrubs & flowers planted around it. I missed getting the full size outhouse in the pic. Gram & Pap gave me some land almost 20 years ago & after they both passed they willed me more land that joined what I already had. I am very thankful for their loving gift. It seems so wasteful to have land you do not use thow. I keep it in case I will need a place to go later & for my kids. It is getting harder to find & purchase land in this area. This cabin & waterfall would be so lovely there. I am in dream land now. Sam was excited about the outhouses. He knows I would like to have one to keep my garden tools & bird food in.

I loved this waterfall & the sound of the running water. I would want a pond at the end of it for some fish. Sam & I enjoy the fish pond we have at the homestead so looking around the cabin & waterfall was fun for us.

These are the other weeds I gathered. They are bunched & ready to hang for drying. I want to use these to decorate the homestead Christmas tree this year.

To my surprise I noticed the lilac bush has started to bloom again this year. Not normal for it to bloom in the fall. The bush is a off spring of Grams lilac bush. We had twin baby goats that ate it to the ground when Sam was a toddler. It has taken that many years to grow back. This past spring was the first it bloomed & it only had one bloom. It now has three. It really smells good.

After the drive in the country Sam decided he would do the yard work. Just finishing up trimming around all the rock flower beds. He likes to help with the flower garden & yard. I am so glad. He wants a farm of his own when he grows up.

Sam finished the trimming & mowed the yard maybe for the last time this season. I need to find something else for him to do in the coming months. Sam gets a little cash for all his hard work & likes to do a little shopping of his own when we go out. Maybe he will be shoveling snow before we know it. I sure hope it holds off. It has snowed here before at this time of year. I am not ready for the cold. I want to take in all Gods beautiful fall colors for weeks to come.
Lucas went to the doctor today & got medicine. Already he has tonsillitis. Laken is at work tonight. No big meal planned for tonight. Sam & I will just eat some left overs. At the doctor office I asked to have a recipe copied from their Taste Of Home magazine Oct./Nov.issue. They just gave me the magazine. It has so many recipes that look yummy. The issue was one I would have bought because of all the recipes in this issue. They saved me some money. I am very grateful. When I least expected it I received a gift of kindness today.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Beautiful Pictures!
    I loved reading this post! I feel so relaxed!
    Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed!
    have a nice fall day!

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