Monday, October 4, 2010

Visiting Bedford Fall Festival

We woke late Sataurday & all the animals needed to be tended to. Time passed & I was excited to find out Rocky was going to drive us to the Bedford Fall Festival. I was feeling better & the weather was perfect for a day outside. Laken had went away for the weekend & Lucas wanted to stay home. Lucas really is not into the whole fall festival thing. So off the three of us went. The festival goes on the first two weekends in October every year. There is still time for you to visit next weekend if you are in the area. The directions can be found at It is a wonderful festival to visit in Bedford PA.

This was the booth I was wanting to visit. I visited it last year. It was the first booth we came to. Of course I spied something I wanted. Can you guess what I spied? Undecided for a couple reasons we went on. It was the last booth I visited when leaving. I was in a hurry to get back to it. You will see why soon.

There was lots of food to pick from. After the long drive there I was not up to eating. The coconut shrimp on a stick the cheese covered french fries funnel cakes smothered with blueberries all looked so good. Well the food area was what Sam was waiting for. Sam had a pepsi with pizza & this very large cinnamon bun. Seems he wore the right tee shirt to the festival. He dug in & was able to eat all but a few bites of his cinnamon bun. I had to ask for a bag to take the rest with us. Sam also got some clover honey sticks to eat & a new hat.

There was no shortage of apples. Cider pressing is always a big thing at the festival. My Pap had one of these presses. Many years ago apples were pressed & cider enjoyed by family.

This booth had pumpkins carved from logs. I was looking for a plain carved pumpkin but she only had them done with the faces carved out. We do not celebrate halloween. I did not think to ask if she would be set up next weekend. Where was my mind.

This store case sure was another beauty I would have loved to have in my kitchen. I did not even bother to look at the price tag on this one.

I would have loved to have brought this beauty back home to the homestead. The tag hanging from it was small but the price sure was big. Can you guess? $1,250.00. I will just keep dreaming.

Wonderful goodies were to be found. A new card for the calender. I will use it in February. New dish clothes to add some extra prim color to the kitchen in the next few months. A hooked chair pad for the chair at the computer desk. Much cheaper than the one I almost bid on at eBay the night before. Glad I waited. Small cookie cutters in hopes of making those salt dough bowl fillers I seen in the A Primitive Place Magazine. Wish now I would have gotten more of them. A little cloth kitty with buttons for a tail. I want to try & make some of these.

More goodies to add some fall color to the homestead. Orange candle rings to put under Sams white pumpkins to hide the glass saucers. Some rust colored picks to cut apart & put in the kitchen tree amongst the pumpkins. White flower picks to add to the Small black baskets on the peg board in the Living room. Another dish towel for the hook in the kitchen & a free soy tart in the scent of Orange Spice. Smells good.

The first booth I visited was a booth I had seen last year & got a bag holder doll at. I wanted the vacuum cover doll but did not want to carry it & thought maybe there would be something I would want more. I took the chance & went on. The whole time saying I sure hope they still have that doll when I get back down there. Sure enough they did & she came home with me. It was the last one they had to.

Last year Rocky got me the doll bag holder I keep his lunch bags in it. It was hanging on the kitchen closet door but I attached it to the vacuum cover doll. She is at home holding her little one. The same ladies made them both.

It was a busy weekend but I did fit some baking in. Two loaves of White Amish Bread & a baking dish of Apple Dumplings. Rocky helped himself to the dumplings before I had a chance to get a photo. Both were very tasty. I got the recipes from fellow bloggers. The Country Blossom & Parkers General. If you have a chance to visit their blogs you will enjoy them also. After all this I was very tired & in need of some rest. Sunday was spent resting & attending Church. More festivals to look forward to the next two weekends.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. That fall festival looks like it was just wonderful! Love the goodies you were able to get! :)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time visiting the fall festival. My parents have gone there before, they travel from MD. My dad is very interested in Colonial times. :-)
    Have a great week!

  3. Oh, that festival looks like so much fun. We have nothing like that to attend in our area. I too love the thrill of bringing home goodies that feel like they're just uniquely you and you can hardly wait to fit them into your home. Good finds!

  4. Oh I can't believe I missed the festival. I live near State College and have never attended. We were there this past summer for some doings and so loved it. Sounds like a great time.