Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kitchen Entrance

This is the entrance to the homestead kitchen. I have been wanting a change. I believe it is about to happen. I had a chair by the door for Hubby to remove his boots after taking care of the outside animals. However the chair just became a catch all for coats, hats, dog treat bags and tools. I did remove all that before the photo shoot. It was just too bad. I figured the chair must go. Quick switch a roo. Moved the chair and garbage can cabinet. I really liked the garbage can cabinet and shelf where I keep crocks of sweet potatoes, white potatoes and onions painted black but the black paint is so hard to keep clean. Dust just seems to cling to black. Dust and I just cant get along. The paint will be coming out soon. Decided the chair will have to go altogether.

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  1. Ahh, nice and primitive Lara. Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday!