Friday, April 16, 2010

Shopping Trip And Garden Talk

Got to get out today. Hubby stopped at a yard sale and I got this great crock. Picked up some fabric remnants. Finished up a doll bonnet. Got a Magnolia tree to add to the garden. With my sons wonderful muscles it is already planted. Most of the blooms came off while traveling home. Some paint for an upcoming project and batteries for the garden lights. My grandmother gave me an off spring of her lilac bush many years ago. As I have said before life happens and the goats ate in to the ground at one time. This is the first time it has ever bloomed. This garden has been a gift from God for me. God has blessed me with many off spring plants from family or friends. I LOVE things with a story behind them. The garden has been in the making since 1995 and my sons have started another extention to it this year. Were on the look out for rocks! Some of those even have a story behind them.

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