Friday, April 23, 2010

Kitchen Closet Door Covered Part 2

Well the crosspieces were cut and painted. But there were paw prints in the paint. I guess you can see how that happened not once but twice. That's how I got this photo. Finally they were dry and nailed to the door. That door knob just really sucked. Hubby said you just wanted the door to look old and that door knob don't look right. Yes I want it to look like an old farm house and like I don't already know how bad the door knob looks. We found a new door knob but no hinge buckles. It reminds me of the kitchen door to my grandparents house. My grandmother wanted to update it but grandpap always said no. Well he did make it after all. They are gone but the door is still there for now. Of course I just had to hang a doll from a nail. She holds plastic walmart bags for hubbies lunches. I told hubby when he moves the furnace to the basement I would like another door and shelves built inside the hole for a pantry. Someday. Of course he just rolled his eyes. He knows it will never end.


  1. I love it! Kitty paws, uh oh:) Oh and my hubby does the eye roll too. He likes it when we freshen up and make changes though. It's just the labor he has to put into it. LOL.

  2. Hubby did admit last night it looks better and he likes it. I said good! Can you pick up three more door knobs and packs of pine planks for the doors in the hall? I just got that look again from him. Oh here she goes again!