Monday, April 19, 2010

Kitchen Entrance Part 2 & Doll faces

I said I wanted a change and here it is. I liked the color paint Andys Primitive Farmhouse painted her hoosier cabinet. The color I got ended up looking lighter. The garbage can cabinet was white, brown, black and now tan. With it being lighter than I planed I decided to wipe it down with walnut stain and I liked it much better. So did one of my sons (before the satin he said it looked like puke he likes it now). So the shelf got some stain to. The shelf was stained and painted barn red when I bought it at a friends yard sale. I then painted it black and now tan. My friend might want it back. So everything was put in its place. The closet door and floor need updated soon. I hope very soon! I have plans for this tall chimney cabinet later. The dolls have not been forgotten. I have stitched their faces and next the staining process will come.


  1. your painting looks great! I like to rub stain on mine too to give more an aged appearance.

  2. Than you! Seeing your painted pieces gave me the courage to do a change. You made it worth while. Hope my door will be coverd and painted soon.

  3. Your home is wonderful and so is your blog! Thanks so much for your ideas on the crates on my blog. A basket would definitely look good and be very useful too!
    Have a great day!
    Blessings~ Birgit

  4. Ah, both pieces look great. What opinions you get from the peanut gallery. LOL.