Friday, April 30, 2010

They Have Arrived

Hubby took me for a drive the other day and we picked up two of these beautiful azalea bushes to add to the rock beds. Just waiting for one of the boys to get home and plant them. Another plant has started to bloom this week also. Such beautiful blue flowers. Just waiting for a butterfly to land. One of our ducks has flew into the flower garden and is taking a walk threw the yard. Last week I took a photo of Ollie walking on the rocks. She could balance her self well even carring her little family within. When Hubby came back from the barn today he brought news that Ollie's kittens had arrived. Under her were four little kittens when I moved her.


  1. Aww, precious. I love little kitties. Ollie did good.

  2. They are dear. As you can see she did not have a black kitten. I can't help but visit the barn often to check in on them.