Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Doll - Andy

She is much like the Emma doll posted as For Keeps Or Not. Her name is Andy and her bonnet is alot longer. It took some time finding an old feather tick pillow case. I was asked if I could do another doll like Emma and here she is. So I was wondering what you think of her? She has been signed dated & numbered. Andy is doll #10 in my jointed doll collection. Her arms and legs are attached with buttons and can be moved. She is a 21" rag stuffed coffee stained muslin doll.She is heavy like the old tyme feel. Her clothing is prim and coffee stained. Included is her little coffee stained dolly wrapped in a coffee stained tattered blanket.


  1. Absolutely primtastic! I love your dollies:) Your garden looks wondrful.

  2. I do enjoy making them. The boys will be adding some new flowers soon.