Monday, April 12, 2010

New Look For The Stove

I have called this my stove the Cinderella stove since I got it. I spend so much time cleaning it after cooking on it. I never get to go to the ball either. Life happens and there is a nick out of the glaze and a scratch on the top. So I got a primitive dough board with side handles made to cover the top. I would like to hide the frig in a cabinet next. Lots of flowers are poping up in the rock garden and the fish are swimming around the garden pond. Smaller dolls are on the creating table in the gazebo at this time.


  1. I love your new stove board! I am hoping to be able to get one made for mine soon. I am very picky about my stovetop being dirty or dusty (in this old farmhouse, it gets dusty often). My neighbor is a good cook, but a very sloppy one. She asked me one day how I kept mine so, wipe it! lol I hope that by having a stove board, I won't be wiping it several times a day :-) I love the little arrangement you have on yours. TFS

  2. You are one talented crafter! I love your dolls!
    The doughboard looks great with such a pretty spring display!
    Best wishes