Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Creating In The Garden

I am creating another doll today in the gazebo. She will be a remake of the Emma doll. You can get a look at her and the other finished doll at my picture trail album. Just click on my picture trail online photo album button to the right in my sidebar. The sounds of the birds chattering and the pond fountain are relaxing. The green leaves are opening on the weeping fountain trees. More flowers are sproting up from the soil. The goldfish are very active. The cats are out and about in the garden. It is such a beautiful day in the garden!


  1. Your garden is great! I'd love to have one like that. Maybe one day, when hubby can stay home more:) I sure enjoy seeing yours though, imagining the sounds and pleasure you get from it. Nice:)

  2. This garden has been such a blessing for me. I am not up to leaveing the homestead much. So when hubby is off and I feel up to it I get out. I do not have far to get to the garden thow. Just off the back porch. I have had lots of help from my boys creating the garden. And of course from God. Go for it get stared today it only begins with a tree some perennials and rocks. May you be blessed!