Monday, July 12, 2010

Create Work & Play

I started this doll months ago and lost interest. I have reclaimed it from a work basket to work on lately. I am still trying to cover that furnace door while the furnace is not being used. I got back in the mood after hanging the quilted runner I won in the Berry Homespun Primitives giveaway. There is no room in the closet for my vacuum cleaner so it has been in front of the furnace door. It is so much easier to get it here than digging in a closet but I really do not want to see it. So out came the doll body to start working on her again. The pattern instructions were to paint eyes on the dolls face but I am not going to even attempt that. So I decided to use two colored buttons. Thinking she may look more like ET than a mammy doll. What do you think. The boys have their own thoughts! Of course she will get a primitive dress to wear too.

Last week it was so hot but the boys did try working on the hole for the pond off and on.

The heat was just to much so I put some water in the pond and they took turns setting in the cool water for a bit. I said this is the largest fish in the pond. We are hoping we can continue this project. The owner of the homestead told me this Sunday he hoped I kept the tags for the pond because I was not putting it in. He dose not like the gazebo the arbor or the gardens. He wanted the flowers removed in front of the homestead so he could stain the cedar siding. He decided now he will not be staining until this fall. The flowers were transplanted in the new flower beds behind the gazebo and are not doing well at all. He commented I tore up his yard and destroyed his property. I have lived in his house for 15 years. I have been planting for 15 years also. I really care for him but he really hurt me. I guess we will see in the days to come. I hope he will change his mind. This means so much to me.

To beat the heat my middle son decided he would cut some small trees in the woods for tee pee poles with his hatchet. He is setting inside enjoying himself. Oh he also painted his face to.

For a little more fun the boys lit some fountain fireworks that were left over from the 4th of July. We lit a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed setting in the gazebo that evening.

This is a cabinet I got at a yard sale a few years ago and painted it to match the bath room bead board. I put painted tin punched panels in the doors. They had glass in them and the cabinet had a cherry finish to it. It was originally offered as a hostess gift from Home Interiors I believe. I have been searching for another one to put up on the opposite wall above the toilet but have not had any luck yet. It would be so nice to have more storage space for our things. The bath room has no closet in it. If I am meant to have one I guess one will come my way some time. All the kids and my granddaughter will be coming home this week. It will be good to see them all together again.
Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments for the paint color on my sewing machine box cover. Yes Gettysburg Homestead you are correct my walls are a bit mustard with chocolate glaze over the paint. The mustard could very well blend into the wall. The black dose stand out and I do like it. Cat Nap Inn Primitives you do have a point I can always paint it mustard later. It is only paint! So Crafty Crow I decide to go with trying a few more accessories before trying mustard paint. So far I have added a braided place mat to the top. I received a post card from my favorite local prim shop announcing 50 percent off. Unfortunately they will be closing their doors very soon. Maybe I could find something there. I was thinking of two black iron crows. We will see what fate offers I guess.

I wish you all a great week.

Blessings til next time!


  1. I think your yard is beautiful..I can't believe the owner would say something like that..your yard looks very well cared the cabinet...and yeah bathrooms could use more storage...have a great tuesday.:)

  2. Your homestead owner must be a very unhappy person to be so rude like he was. I'm sorry to hear he has said such things to you about the beauty of the outside of your home.
    I love your bathroom cupboard and the color is just great.
    Keep your spirits up girl. Things will work out.

  3. Wow, I can't belive your landlord would have anything negative to say about your beautiful yard! You are increasing the value not hurting it! What is wrong with him. Sending you hugs, I think it is absolutely lovely! The pond would have been a wonderful addition too. I'll be saying my prayers it turns out well for you. Have a great evening!

    Blessings, Jill

  4. Thanks for telling me about doing a book from my blog! I would love to do that. I really enjoy scrapbooking but found that having the time was very difficult, that's one reason I turned to blogging. :-) Thanks for your sweet comments, they mean a lot to me! Have a great day tomorrow!


  5. My family always has their own thoughts on my prims... they just don't appreciate things the way we do! I think your doll will look great when you are finished with her. Once she is primed and dressed, I bet you will like her a lot.

    Wow! I can't believe the owner was so rude to you especially if you have been there for 15 years! Hopefully he was just having a bad day and will change his mind and be nicer the next time he comes around. I probably would have sat down and cried if he said that to me. Goodness sakes! I think it looks great and I can't even see why he said you tore it up. Crazy.