Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Plans In Progress For The Homestead Garden

This is a photo of the garden earlier this spring. The photo was taken from the large opening into the garden facing toward the gazebo. The fireplace was inside a flowerbed off to the one side of the kitchen porch and the pond in front of the porch.

The fireplace has been moved out to the side of the gazebo and now you can see the fire burn while setting inside of the gazebo. There is more light there at night now and less bugs. We still need to find some large thick rocks to finish the steps up into the gazebo.

The large opening of the garden facing toward the gazebo now has our arbor and swing in it. It has been stained to match the gazebo and the cedar siding on the house. We really enjoy swinging. When we some day get a porch with a roof we plan to put the swing inside the porch.

We decide we would rather have the pond to the side of the porch to allow an open walk area from the arbor to the gazebo after the swing gets put inside the porch. The boys dug up the bushes and flowers. They were replanted in the new rock beds behind the gazebo. We found a larger pond and then my youngest boy suggested we also reuse the pond we already have behind the new pond along with the waterfall we never used. If this works out we will have a really nice large pond. The boys went to it and started the hole. We will see how it all turns out in the weeks to come. If all goes as planned we will be looking for some more fish and maybe a turtle for the pond.

He is really working out those muscles with that digging bar. We had to remove all of the sylvia and day lillies in front of the house foundation also. The cedar siding is going to be stained again soon. It will make it easier for the worker to get his ladder in. I am trying to decide if I should plant black eyed susans in that area or just put mulch down.

This is the new pond and the waterfall we already had but never used. It will take 215 gallons of water to fill all of them. I am excited and hope it will all work out. I love to light up the pond and listen to the fountain at night. It is relaxing to me. My youngest boy can find lots of toads around the house to catch and bring to the pond. I guess you have figured out by now simple things can bring us the most happiness.

Blessings til next time!


  1. Oh my goodness, would I love to have a beautiful yard like yours. It is so pretty and I'll bet you enjoy it to the max:)

  2. What a beautiful yard! I love your gazebo! When we lived in NC my husband had built me one and it was lovely. Then we moved and I have yet to get another. We are waiting until we know we are settled and don't have to move again. :-) Have a blessed evening.

  3. This is going to be your very own slice of Heaven. A wonderful retreat. I vote for the black eyed susans.


  4. What a beautiful yard you have! It's your own little oasis to sit and enjoy any time you want. I think that is so wonderful! I'll agree with that last statement... simple things can bring us the most happiness. So very, very true!