Friday, July 23, 2010

Growing Kittens

I just thought I would share some recent photos of Ollies kittens. They are growing and are so playful. The two tiger kittens I call the twins. One has a white nose and the other has a gray nose. These two like to be cuddled. The other two are not as happy to be cuddled. They seem to like to choose when they want attention. This is my favorite litter Ollie has had. I am hoping they will be here a long time. In the past most of her litters have either disappeared or gotten on the road and well you can guess what happened. So far one of them has hurt her little paw. Her claw was caught in netting. We had to cut the netting to get her free. She has lost that little claw and her paw pad is a bit swollen still. She gets around as good as the others thankfully.

I have been looking at old issues of Country Sampler magazines and blogs. I want to do something to the wall in the living room. I am thinking a peg rack or a blanket crane. I would love both but I am not sure the wall has enough studs to nail into in the area I want to put it. I think I will take a photo of the area and let all of you see for yourselves. There is plenty of time to decide. It will have to cool off here. We are under a heat advisory today and Saturday. I have some other flowers in bloom for you to see also. For now I will keep you wondering. Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings til next time!


  1. They are so cute!! I just want to cuddle them all!! Have a grest weekend!
    Blessings, Jill

  2. Aww, Ollie's kitties are precious.
    We've got a heatwave here too. Today is to be 96 degrees. Geesh! Our po ac needs a break.
    Hey, we made a peg rack and blanket crane for Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitives. Take a peek:)

  3. They are so cute, they could be siblings to my kittens! If you haven't seen mine yet check out my post from yesterday!
    Have a great day,

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  5. oh those kittys are precious..the little orange one reminds me of our Sunny E Bunny when she was a baby...on the finding studs for your walls..we use molly bolts and screws...we never look for a stud unless we just happen to get lucky...just make sure to use heavy duty mollys.:)I got my blanket crane from Firecracker kid and I love it.;) thanks for sharing those kittys..:D have a great weekend and stay cool;)

  6. They certainly are growing up quickly.I have six cats of my own and thank goodness they weren't kittens at the same time. Kittens are full of endless energy and mischief. I bet these three little darlings are keeping up hoping.