Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank You Berry Homespun Primitives The Giveaway Is Wonderful

I would like to thank you Angie at Berry Homespun Primitives for putting such a wonderful giveaway together. The package arrived safely at our post office. I left one of the boys go in and claim the package for me. When we got home he opened the package and I began to unwrap each piece. It was so special to get every piece. I only get to unwrap a package at Christmas. All of the goodies are so wonderful.

My kitchen colors are brown black & mustard so I started by hanging the runner as a small quilt under my roll pin and bowl keep. My old time aprons are hanging from the handles of my Grams roll pin and I really liked the runner in between them. I know most people do not use aprons these days but I like them. My Great Gram & Gram always wore one. I have been loveingly made fun of for wearing them by my kids. I have not decided where to put everything else yet. I was thinking the little shelf could house a small collection of oil cans in honor of my Paps memory. I have three at this time that were my Grams or Paps. Pap collected many things including oil cans. When he passed he had 300 oil cans. I would not need that many to fill the shelf. Small oil cans are now added to my treasure hunt list.

Good luck to all who enter a giveaway and may you experience the joy of having your name picked one day soon too. Thanks again Angie.

Blessing til next time!


  1. Isn't it so much fun to receive a wonderful giveaway and then get the shear pleasure of decorating your home with them...Congrats on this got some wonderful items..;)

  2. I'm so glad it arrived safely! I have won numerous giveaways and I know how much fun it is to open a package and see all the goodies. My kids always want to help and I tell them NO, it's mine! Hehe! How appropriate that it matches your kitchen colors! I think the runner looks wonderful in between your beautiful aprons! I get made fun of from my kids for wearing my aprons too. I think small oil cans would look great on that shelf. I'm so glad you won! Have fun with it!