Thursday, July 29, 2010

By The Light Of The Moon

Last night my youngest son Sam went outside and called Mom look how big this toad is. I thought to it was big. He asked me to help him catch it. We finally got it in a container we use for cleaning the pond. On the walk to the pond I seen another toad just as big. Off I went to get another container. We had them both then. Sam could not believe we had two so big. As Sam set them free on the rocks around the edge of the pond the toads sat together by the light of the moon. Sam thought they may be talking to each other. Who knows?

So the two big toads went for a dip in the cool pond as we watched them swim around the pond.

The fish seemed to be a bit scared as they swam in circles near the toads. They may have been wishing for the toads not to make this their home to. We discovered this week we have a baby frog living in the pond. The little frog likes to sit on the water lettuce and sun its self. We do so enjoy the pond and all Gods little creature who live and play in it.

We will still be putting in the new 125 gal. pond and removing the pond we already have. It seems the old pond is not holding water. The one side is collapsing. Lucas has been working on digging it on the few cooler evenings we have had. Not to many of those. The homestead owner will let us put it in now.

It seems it needs to be a little deeper. We are trying to put this pond more to the ground so the sides will be supported more and we will not have to stack the rocks so high. We will still build in open spot between some rocks for the toads and frog to hide from those playful kitties we have.

I just love these happy hibiscus flowers out by the bird feeder. I am thinking we should plant some around the new pond. Maybe Lowes will have them on clearance? The beautiful hibiscus plants I have now were a gift from my Mother last summer. It may seem a bit silly to catch toads and watch the toads swim in the pond but really it is time my Sam and I spend together talking and laughing. Thats really the best part about it. Silly Sam and I by the light of the moon having fun and making memories.

Blessings til next time!


  1. Love the toads! They are so adorable!!! Beautiful flowers. True, lowes tends to have lots of great things on clearance nearing the end of the season. Bet you can find some great deals! Have a wonderful evening!!

  2. oh those are some big toads..and watching nature is fun..especially if you have someone to share it with.:)love that plant and the colors.:)

  3. Oh my whiskers!!! I LOVE froggies!!! And those are some very nice handsome ones too!!! I have three in my pond, but they are leopard frogs, just a bit different looking but still very handsome!! They live peacefully with my piranha goldfish - no worries!

    I wanted to let you know, if you don't already that your liner will do better if you pour sand around the outside before adding water. Dirt doesn't conform enough to the liner form. Sand conforms and supports. We didn't know that and after a couple of years the stress of the water weight caused the liner to crack in several places. You probably already know this but if you didn't wanted to save you the "oh no the pond is leaking AGAIN" experience.

    Have a great week!!


    Romeo and "her"

  4. Well that's what life is all about... making those wonderful memories with your dear ones, even if it's as simple as sitting and watching a pond! I'm so glad the homeowner is no longer against it, that's wonderful!

    Your hibiscus are gorgeous! I'm thinking I need to get some.