Saturday, July 24, 2010

To Beat The Heat

After finishing lunch in the gazebo today the owner of the homestead took us on a little road trip today. We rode in a vehicle with A/C. This was so great. The temp was in the 100's today. I had mentioned seeing some things I would like to have at a place he took us to the other weekend. I did not have my pocketbook that day. So off we went. Every thing was still there today. The old double bladed chopper was discounted 25% off today. This is the largest gray granite dish pan I have ever seen. It even already had a hole in the rim. The wooden masher was another piece I have been wanting. One of the boys found it and when I seen the price I had to have it.

I have been wanting something to hang in this spot for so long. The wash pan fits just perfect. I love my gray granite. You can see some of my house collection on the shelf. They are Cats Meow houses. I started collecting them during the late 80s. At one time I was going to sale them. When I seen how much they were selling for on ebay I changed my mind fast. Instead I purchased more of them on ebay. They were listed really cheap. I had the windows trimmed and shelves built into the trim just for my houses. I had a comment on the houses from an earlier post so I thought I would add this little story.

I hung the masher from the peg rail in the hall. I am still crossing my fingers to have those doors covered like the kitchen closet door.

So here is a photo of the area in the LVR I would like to put a peg rail and or blanket crane. Gina(Cat Nap Inn Primitives) I really like yours and Carol(Firecrackerkid Primitives) you know how much I love your wood pieces. Thank you both for your helpful comments on this idea. Really you two and Mary (Gettysburg Homestead) are the ones who got the wheels turning in my mind on this project. Still trying to decide. What do all of you followers think?

My nasturims are starting to bloom. They have such a bright beautiful color. I planted some sunflower seeds last Sunday and seen today they have already sprouted and are at least 2" high. Planted them where the pea vines were.

Here is the hibiscus in full bloom this week. I just love to look at these beauties. They just say happy to my heart. I think that about sunflowers too.

Here is one of the hibiscus blooms up close. The humming birds sure are liking these flowers.

My daughter applied for a job last week. She would just love this job. She volunteered in the past but would get paid if she gets the job. They will be calling Monday to set up an interview. Please say a little prayer she gets the job. I guess that is about all I have to share for now. I wish you all a restful Sunday.

Blessings til next time


  1. Great finds and beautiful pics! I will certainly keep your daughter in my prayers. Best wishes to her!

  2. oh I think the blanket crane would look marvelous there...I'm just sayin.;) love your hibicus..they are beautiful..our nasturims are blooming too..I love the big enamelware pan you got to...;) have a nice sunday..;) hope its a little cooler for you too.;)

  3. I think a blanket crane would really look great in that room. That way you can change out the textiles with each season.

    Glad I could help.


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your wonderful comments! So glad to hear your daughter got another job! So true god does have a plan! Many Blessings to you!

  5. I love that big granite pan, it is lovely! I remember when the Cat's Meow houses were around. They make a stunning collection when they are displayed the way you have them. I think it's funny that we went on ebay to sell them and instead ending up buying more. Haha, that sounds like something I would do. I think you should keep them, they look great where they are.

    I agree with Mary and Gina... a blanket crane and you can change the textiles out with the seasons. That would look great!

    Your flowers are beautiful! I hope your daughter got the job.