Thursday, July 8, 2010

Opionions - Opinions & What Do You Think

This past week all of the kids and my grandchild were home. We are planning a birthday party next week for my granddaughter. We will all be together one day next week. I am hoping for cool weather and clear skys. The gazebo will be the party location. The first birthday party to be held in it.

I have been wanting to repaint the sewing machine box cover. While everyone was around I asked for their opinions. What color do you think would look best I asked each of them. Well my granddaughters father my oldest son liked it the way it is gray. My daughter said black. My second son did not care but wanted to paint it for me. My youngest son said yellow (being mustard). I like the gray color but it seemed a bit cold colored. Oh how I wish our 90 to 102 temps would be a bit on the cold side. I had the idea to paint it black then mustard. After mustard I was thinking of rubbing threw to the black in areas then rubbing it with walnut stain.

Two coats of black paint were applied and it is over the sewing machine again. I really like it black but still wonder if the mustard over black with walnut stain would look better. So what is your opinion?


  1. I'm all for color and I would definitely use the mustard over the black. That's how I roll..... ★Linda★
    P.S. My grandkids crack up when I talk like that! LOL

  2. I like it the way it is, I enlarged the photo and the color ties into your trim, border, dark color on your placemats, I would try adding a few more accessories before I added paint again. I'm getting a box made similar to this...very neat!!

  3. I do love it already I think a light sanded back blue would look pretty too but I think I have to say the black and walnut! =D

  4. I like the black..but you can always paint it mustard later on..thats the beauty of paint.;)

  5. I like the black but also think mustard would look nice over black!!! Hmmmmmmmmm!!! I don't think I helped???

  6. Thank you for stopping by Organized Chaos!! I am loving your site - and I like the black, but I think the mustard would really look nice!!

  7. Your walls appear to be a yellow/ mustard. I'm thinking it might blend in a bit and fade into the walls. If you like the black I say leave it.


  8. Mustard would like nice, but maybe even a sage green or a light country blue? With possible black accents to give it that country look and feel OOps guess that's not helping huh? LOL I like to decorate:-)
    Happy birthday to your granddaughter! I love that it will be in the gazebo! I LOVE planning kids parties I get carried away! Have a great day!!
    Blessings, Jill

  9. Well, if you're not already torn because of the differing opinions, I'll add my own. ;-) Mustard over the black with walnut stain. It will have so much personality to it and I think it would look wonderful.

    By the way, congrats on your recent win! Isn't it fun to win giveaways? If you're interested, I'm having one at my blog, CluckleBees.

    Hope you have a wonderful day,

  10. Well, I'm sure you already made up your mind by now but since I am going backwards and working my way up to your latest post... I'm going to give you my opinion anyway. You already know I love Mustard and black! If it was me, I would paint mustard over it and sand it down quite a bit so you see half of each color... mustard and black. Now as I work my way through your posts, I'm anxious to see what you did with it. Hehe!