Saturday, March 5, 2011

From The Homestead Kitchen

You all know I spend alot of time in the homestead Kitchen. I thought I would brighten up the entry way by adding some yellow flowers to the basket. Yellow is a happy color to me & just screams smile. I hope you are smiling as we chat a bit today.

It is calling for rain today so what better time to have warm chili & corn bread. When things are cool & damp I say warm the bellie. The smell of chili simmering in a pot & baking corn bread in a cast iron skillet in the oven warms the kitchen. I have had a little taste of the chili & it is yummy. Nen shared the recipe for Flatlanders Chili on her blog Living The Small Town Life this week. Yesterday I picked up fresh ground beef at the butcher shop & a few spices at the market to try it. Left over chili will go in my little jars to be eaten later.

Yesterday I visited Tractor Supply to take a look see at the baby chicks they got in. Oh my I heard the sound of peeps as I entered the store doors. Off I followed the sound of peeps until I arrived at the large water troughs they keep them in. They were so cute & running about in the pine shavings. I had to pick one up & hold the little sweet creature. Only two breads to pick from. With my mind made up I was going to take 2 home with me. I was disappointed to see a sign reading chicks must be bought in a minimum of 5. I planned to buy 4 of one bread & 2 of another breed. I could not buy just 2 chicks to take home with me to start the small flock. Now we have to wait until they get another shipment of baby chicks in. They will let you mix breeds within the minimum of 5 chicks. Sam was expecting to find baby chicks in the brooder when he arrived home from school. I had to tell him we will have to wait a little longer.

I wish you all a wonderful safe weekend!

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Hi, Lara
    You are killing me~ A pot of chilly simmering sound so yummy!!! I can't even cook in the kitchen~ today for lunch I had some deer trail sausage & ritz crackers(but I ate~ so I better stop whinning,LOL!)
    As I was reading I was so hoping you would get your peeps~ soon, I am sure you will have them!
    Love the enty way, the enamel is so pretty~ and the yellow looks so happy~ it does make me smile!
    enjoy the day~ keep safe with all the rain~

  2. Love your enamel ware. The chili sounds yummy!!

  3. I love this vignette. I store and display my enamelware in our summer kitchen. I'm going to have to bring some in for a change up!
    Enjoy your chili!

  4. Lovely addition to the basket:) Tell Sam good things come to those who wait.

  5. Love the update I agree it is so time to think SPRING . I too was at TSC last week , so unfair to the lil chickies to be deprived of a nice loving home because they have to leave in numbers:( , but for chick info and ordering try they do mail order have large variety and great prices when i was in FFA and 4H growing up we got all our chicks from them . Best of luck ! and if you have chicken ?'s stop by my sister Farmer Kims blog and leave her comments or ?
    's she has become quite the knowledgeable chick conissuer. have a great week
    lil raggedy angie

  6. Hope you'll be able to get your peeps soon! That chili sounds good, all the pleasures of home! :-)
    Hope you have a wonderful day!