Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stain Or Paint

I am finishing remodeling the hall that I started. After seeing the newly covered door a while now I am not sure I want to paint it like I did the kitchen closet door after I covered it. But I do like it painted for the kitchen. There is much more light in the kitchen. The hall doors I think I may stain them like the wood floor. I stood the painted kitchen closet door in the hall just to compare. I am thinking the hall would look longer & wider with stained doors but small & dark with painted doors. So what do you all think?

Sam is feeling better & has not missed any more school. Thanks for your well wishes. The baby chicks are growing much faster than I thought they would. Their fluff is turning to feathers. My daughter asked can't we pluck the feathers so they will be soft & fluffy? Well no not unless they are grown & you want to eat them. She changed he mind. She was offered a full time managing job & accepted. This will be her first full time job. She is very happy about the new job.

I am working on some tiny doll bodies when I can. There has not been much time for creating the past few weeks. I want to catch up on all your wonderful blogs tonight after all the kids are home & tucked in.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Hi,Lara
    I would offer advise on your door~ but my head is spinning over the kitchen!LOL
    Peeps getting feathers~ they grow overnight~glad to hear Sam is feeling better!
    Congrats for your Daughter on her new job, so exciting!!!
    enjoy your evening

  2. About the door. My first thought is to keep continuity and make the area seem larger, stain it to match the other walls.

    However, if you want it as an accent, a place to display things, then paint is my choice.

    I should warn you, though, that my front door has been unpainted on the inside since it was installed - in 2009.

  3. I think either way you choose it will look wonderful!

  4. that is a hard one..but I like kris' answer to paint so you can add things for decoration...but you need to go with your gut instint.;)

  5. Hi Lisa:) Good to hear Sam is feeling better.
    I think your right about the light in the hallway that the stain would make it brighter than the paint. But, it's your final decision:) and I'm sure whatever you choose to do it'll look wondrful.