Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ramblings From The Homestead & X - Stitching Question

I worked on this spring display for the top of my sewing machine cabinet today. I was happy with how it all came together just using what I already had around the homestead. This time I used my noodle & put it on a wood tray making it easy to move when I need to lift the hinged lid to get into my sewing notions.

The much unwanted snow has all melted leaving a muddy mess about the homestead. I took a look see at the garden pond today. Just a thin sheet of ice over the top. I was happy to see all of our fish made it through the winter after counting more than once. I see the spring flower bulbs I planted have sprouted through the cold frozen soil. What an amazing process the Good Lord has called them to do. Soon the green shoots will be clothed with colored blossoms unfolding into beautiful flowers to enjoy. I have started to buy seed packets of flower seeds as I find the ones I so love to plant. I am just waiting for the ground to thaw so I can plant the pea seeds I bought a few weeks ago.

The ducks roamed the homestead today quacking as they waddled about the garden. Oh my the thin sheet of ice on the garden pond had melted in the sunshine & those feathered friends of mine took a swim in my garden pond. Another count of the fish. All were safe and swimming on the bottom. The ducks were having a great time swimming & dipping themselves. But I feared for the fish. Not sure how I will keep them out of the garden pond all summer. They will be out and about much more as the weather warms. I had a large window screen I used to cover the smaller pond while the ducks were roaming. The screen will not cover the new larger pond. I will have to find a way to keep our fish safe. With all of the neighboring Tom cats I will surely have to have something. The Toms are still visiting the homestead each day.

Talking about feathered friends I gave Tractor Supply a call. They have gotten a shipment of baby chicks in. None of the breads I was interested in. I may take a look see any how when I go for groceries Friday.

On to my question for you all. I have stitched samplers for some time but never done them in the X stitching. I would so love to try my hand at it. I have seen some amazing ones on your blogs from time to time. I really know nothing about the cloth used or the 24 28 count or how to even use a charted pattern. So before I go off & purchase a pattern can any of you offer some advise to a new X stitching to be learner?

I saw a little verse I wanted to share with you all tonight.

MOTHERS are like buttons....
They hold everything *** Together***

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. I love you display! not much help here with the x-stitch. It has been forever since i did one. Hope someone can help. Maybe try searching on youtube for a tutorial video!!!!

  2. Oh boy Lisa, I don't know what to tell you about the duckies swimmin' in your pond. You'll probably get some raccoon visitors too. They got right in our pond and sat there in the water and had themselves a feast. Our dollars down into their bellies... lol.
    I've not cross stitched either, but do admire those that do. They are very nice looking pieces.
    Speaking of buttons, I've had a few pop off my shirts that need put back on, and my only good pair of pants finally ripped from stem to stern. LOL! Hmmm, I think they just got worned out:)

  3. Hi, Lara
    Window display so very pretty~ Love the view out the window!
    Getting closer~ isn't it the first signs of new life for spring~ the ducks awww bet they loved the swim!
    enjoy the day

  4. Lara, there are many different methods of cross stitching. There are even some free patterns on Patternmart that come with directions. They are primtastic.

    The number 12, 14, 28 so on and so forth refer to the number of threads in one inch. The smaller the number 12 14 the bigger the threads are. Hence your finished cross stitch will be big. The bigger the number the smaller the X will be so your finished product will be smaller. If you've never cross stitched I recommend using a 14 to start. I am just getting into using 28 count. It strains my eyes but I like the finished look. Give me a holler when you find one you like and I'd be more than happy to help...


  5. Sorry, all I do is the prim, rustic looking embroidery. I cannot do counted cross stitch.
    As far as the pond goes, critters can be a real challenge. We went to Menards and bought a roll of green plastic coated fencing. We cut it to fit over the top of the water and anchored it with large stones. I even planted bulbs under the fencing and they come up through it. Hostas will come up through it as well. It's easy enough to roll up from one end for cleaning. You can see through it and even have water plants, but critters have a hard time capturing your fish or frogs.
    Good luck! *Linda*

  6. Hi Lara!...I got your message on my blog...Like Mary said the smaller the count the bigger the picture...You should start with 14 ct aida and then go to 28ct evenweave or linen if you want a more primitive look...Those you will stitch over 2 threads instead of one...The best thing to do is get a pack of aida, evenweave, and linen and just practice to see what you like best...Start with a small design....if you have any questions just email me or Mary...