Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Making Mice & Eggs & Oh A Chicken Coop

Today the sun is shinning the snow is melting creating much mud around the homestead today. As I sew & look out the window from my sewing area the fish are swimming to the top of the garden pond in search of food. Only to find feathers lost by the ducks who took another quick swim today. I am sewing up mice bodies & eggs. This was my first mouse after I finally cut out a pattern that worked.

I am waiting for a call on a price for a little chicken coop the size & shape of this one. I took these photos at an Amish place. No bells or whisles like this one. Just a simple plain unstained rough pine board & wood roof much like the outhouse tool shed I received last fall. After pricing the materials to build one it may be cheaper in the end. I am crossing my fingers for a cheap price.

I found a cute bunny pattern on Ebay for only $2.00 & I snatched it up fast. I am waiting for it & another small piggy pattern I ordered from another blogger to arrive in the snail mail. I will be getting back to my sewing & creating a pattern now for another creature I have in my head. Good day to you all.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Adorable mouse~ great job!
    The chicken coop is cute!!looks like a wonderful place to roost!

  2. Cute little Squeaker! and the heart is charming also. I'm finding that I like the primitives more and more, thanks to your site.
    I also love the little chicken coop. It comes in larger sizes, I'll bet, unless you plan to only keep a few peepers.

  3. Very cute mouse. I should get a chicken coop for my cat to live in. He is so huge and clingy. Oh but he would get lonely so I guess I will keep him right here beside me.

  4. that little chicken coop is too cute..love the color too..have fun with your patterns..2.00 is a great deal..;)

  5. Your designs are so cute!! Love the chicken coop!