Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yesterdays Dreams

Yesterday after every one was off to work & school as I cleaned I did some dreaming. I remembered a beautiful old two story cabin I saw last summer. I had stopped on the road to take a photo of it & stored it in my computer.

This would be my dream home with the exception of the blue on it. I really love shades of brown so it would be painted. I saw this old beautiful cabin last summer. To bad they were making some changes. For shame. A very new looking brick addition & a huge metal building with more than one large bay opening. I have not seen if all is completed. This summer I may.

My dream kitchen would have cabinets that look like furniture up against the walls. Appliance would all be hidden inside the cabinets & an island with a butcher block top. A soap stone apron sink & water pump faucet. I found a photo online but it would not load so you can dream with me on this one. I pretty much have my dream dining room & living room already. I would keep it all the same.

My dream bedroom would have this beautiful bedding on my four poster bed from Family Heirloom Weavers with my wood chest (that I plan to refinish) at the foot of my bed & two large wood clothes cabinets on each side of the headboard of my bed. I hope some time soon to refinish my chest & finish the blanket crane Lucas & I started. My large windows letting the sunshine in & making me smile as I sit at my sewing machine sewing located in front of one of those windows. My desk sitting in front of the other window. A fireplace with wood cabinets surrounding it & filling the wall area. As I sit on my love seat watching T.V. behind a dough tray table my FIL made. I hope to give it a home in the years to come. Of course two make do chairs on each side of my love seat & my dry sink up against another wall. Well my bed room is not quiet that long but I hope to take a wall out to connect the next room to it in my dream.

After a day of dreaming cleaning & running kids to & fro it was just Sam & I for dinner last night. No fancy home cooked meal here at the homestead. Just a simple dinner of french fried taters & meat pies served in the living room where we could watch a little T.V. No homework. Ya!

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Your home looks beautiful. I don't care for cleaning myself but when it is done I am HAPPY. I feel like it is every other day I am dusting, I can NOT wait for Spring!

    I love the same family heriloom blankets!

    You and hubby having dinner together just the two of you is nice once in awhile without the kiddo's!!
    I also think it looked YUMMY!

    Prim Blessings,

  2. i am totally with you on that cabin (not a fan of the blue either)... i would love to have a cabin like that! it's a shame that people ruin great places with additions, etc that don't reflect the style!

  3. Love the cabin also. We have very similar dreams. Never give up on dreams! Around here where we live my husband and I are refered to "The Dream Team" by many who know us. I am living my dream and am very lucky I know. Your home is sooo cozy. Wish we lived closer, we could dream together. Theresa , Yore country home

  4. Love that cabin too. Never hurts to dream!! Love all your pics.

  5. Well, it certainly doesn't hurt to dream, but if I had all your beautiful pieces in my home, I would be in dreamland! For now I very fortunate for what I have:) Thanks for sharing your dreams gal.

  6. That is a gorgeous dream home! I hate when owners take a vintage home and modernize it! Buy new then!
    You do have a dream home as well! I always love your photos!

  7. Lara
    Your home is beautiful~ I love all the wood~ so much character!!
    Oh, a kitchen with old cabinets & closed in appliances~ oh, it would be beautiful~ I hope you get your dream kitchen & bed!Dreaming~ dreaming~ so much fun~

  8. Your home is so lovely.... I too love that cabin! What a wonderful place to get away and relax. :-) Sometimes it's the simplest dinners that are the best. :-) Have a great night.


  9. Lara, I owe you two answers. The box you could barely see in my kitchen is a potato bin. I think I have a better pic somewhere and will post it so you can see.

    The second answer is the stitchery on the wood bowl is a repro I bought.

    You have done a great job in your home. But we all can dream. My biggest dream is to own a home again so that I can knock out walls and make it mine.