Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Coop

Sam took his little dog for a walk to see the chicken coop. He was not so sure about walking the plank.

Sam put his little dog inside the chicken coop but he was not about to stay inside of it. He could look out the window & see what is going on. The man who built the chicken coop added a little window in it like the photo I showed him. I will not open but it is cute. I think I would like t add a flower box under it.

It started to snow very soon after the chicken coop was delivered. Laken & Lucas helped me cover it as best we could with a small tarp. The roof will need to be finished & it will need to be stained before the chicken's can make them selves at home.

I have stain left from when I stained the out house garden tool shed last fall. I am looking for an old lard can to put the chicken food in & keep it in the out house garden tool shed. In a few weeks the yard sales will start.

Lucas passed his first interview for the job & his second interview was scheduled. If he passes that one he will be hired. Praying & crossing my fingers. He is excited. This will be his first job at a business. He mowed grass & took care of the church grounds last summer. The preacher was pleased with his work. The past three summers he has mowed for his grandmother. He has saved much of his pay for a car. He has his drivers permit still.

Laken worked her last night at the little country store Tuesday night & is ready to start her new job.

My son Atlee & my grand daughter Madison visited with us Tuesday night. She is a doll baby. She was so excited to hold potatoes after I washed them & hand them to me to cut for french fried taters. She is like all the rest of us. She likes her french fried taters. She enjoys the baby chicks. She likes how they will walk up her arm & set on her shoulder. She was no really to tickled when one landed & sat on her head. Atlee had to take it off. I don't blame her. I hated to take her back to her Mom. She is so fun to play with & I enjoy spending time with her. She told me she would be back again not to worry. How cute she is.

No kidney stones showed up on my KUB. Praise God. I am still waiting for the test results of the tests I had done at the hospital Monday. Thank you all for prayers. I am touched by all your kindness. We all need sheltering trees friends in our lives to lift us up before the King of Kings. I so love that song. Shelering Tree by Newsong. It says so much.

It is time for the boys to get off the bus so I will close at this time & wish you all many blessings in your life.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. The chicken coop is wonderful! It will look great stained.

    I wish Lucas the best of luck on his interview. Surely it will bring him employment. *Fingers Crossed* :)

    Sorry to hear of your kidney pain. My husband has had past problems with stones. So happy to hear that the x-rays came back with good news!!

    I hope this comment finds you celebrating happy news for you and your family. Best wishes!!:)


  2. Glad to see your new coop. The chickens will love it. You will get lots of joy from the chickens, they are funny creatures. Hopefully you'll be in the egg business soon. My chickens have started to lay eggs again after a long cold winter. I'm collecting about two or three a day now. when it warms up even more I will be collecting about a dozen a day.Nothing like fresh eggs.
    Country at heart
    Country at heart

  3. oh Lara, great news on no kidney stones..I am getting mine removed tomorrow morning..will let you know how it the chicken should put a little flower box below it.:)

  4. Love your little chicken coop! It's so cute! I have two hens sitting on eggs right now, so soon we will have some more baby chicks. Can't wait, I love the little chicks!

  5. How cool is that... your chicken coop arrived and you don't have kidney stones. Praise Jesus:) Now have fun in your life and drink plenty of water, and yes, I'm shaking my finger at you... LOL. Take care! Hugs~Carol

  6. Hi, Lara
    The chicken coop is cute!!
    Your granddaughter sounds like a little sweetie! Good luck to Lucas~
    Glad to hear no stones~