Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet The Homestead's Six Baby Chicks

We now have six baby chicks in the brooder. Two Golden Comets. Two Red Pullets & two Silver Leghorns was what we were told they were. We were also told the only two that could maybe be a rooster are the Golden Comets. We are hoping for just one rooster. Sam & his little dog are watching over the little flock. The little dog is protective of them just like he has been with all of the ducklings our ducks have hatched. The first duckings we bought at Tractor Supply eight years ago & the little dog would let them sleep next to him in his little dog carrier. I was surprised the baby chicks can already hop & fly a short distance inside the brooder with such little wings. They are all so small & cute. They are much quieter than I thought they would be. But then they are not alone very long. We no sooner got them in the brooder & all three of the kids were reaching in to get a baby chick to hold. Then I heard them talking about what to name all of them. Oh my I really did not plan to give them each a name. Since they are to be raised for laying egg's then later eaten. Not sure how this will all unfold in the month's to come. We may just have egg layer's. I forgot to ask how long it would be until they start laying egg's. Do any of you know? I received a phone call from the man I contacted about building us a simple little chicken coop & he has given me a price. I took my dolls to the shop over the weekend & I am really hoping they & the other craft items I took in will sell so we can use the cash to pay for a chicken coop. I almost did not take anything into the shop. I was discouraged by a comment made by a family member. I am glad I took the leap & went ahead & went to the shop with my creations. The shop owner said he was really impressed & did not expect anything like them. He said he really liked the dolls & all the other creations I took in. He took twelve items to try on consignment to start with. He went as far as to offer to do an open house for me in the fall & at Christmas. I was shocked. I like my creations but never really gave a thought that someone else would be that impressed with them. Be fore leaving he told me I had free rein as what to make & bring in & I would have no one else to compete with. For me this is an honor that I must give the Good Lord thanks for.

The weather is improving & the mild winds are drying up the mud around the homestead. There is so much I want to do outside in the rock flower beds. I want to start some of the flowers seeds I have soon. I finally found Viola seeds at Lowes. My hopes of having the potting shed & box garden this year looks like they will not happen. Maybe another year. I am not giving up on my dream.

The ducks are still sneaking into the pond for a quick swim. So far they have not eaten any of the fish. I have been counting the fish each time I catch the sneaky little ducks swimming on the garden pond. I will still be looking into a netting for the pond Or a small fence for around it.

Thanks for stopping in & meeting our baby chicks. I will try & share more photos of them as they grow. I will be busy trying three new patterns I got really good deals on. I will let you in on what they are now. A Piggy, Bunny & Prairie Bonnet. If I can make them I will share some photo's of them as I finish them. I have been digging in my fabric stash today. Time to use some of it up.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. hi, Lara
    You are full of good news!!!
    congrats on the chicks~ so cute~ Can't wait to see pics as they are growing~ it will be like overnight!

    congrats on taking items to the shop to sell~I think your items are wonderful!Can't wait to see your new projects!
    you are full of good cheer~ so happy for you!
    smiles & hugs!!!

  2. Aren't they so sweet? I don't know anything about chickens, I think that it would be hard to slaughter them, I can ask my friend that has chickens though about the egg laying.
    Good for you with your new venture! I hope that you will have sucess!
    Have a good week.

  3. Oh, I love chicks! They are so cute!
    We do prefer to get our eggs from the farms around instead of the store. We know they are fresh. Not sure if I could eat a pet. If you name them, they become pets.....
    I am so happy about the shop consigning your things! I hope you are a great success! :)
    Can't wait to see your new creations, especially the bonnet!

  4. Oh good things are happenin' at the homestead! This is wonderful as I knew you could do it:) The baby chicks are adorable and so soft looking. Of course your dolls and other handmades are top notch gal! Don't undersell yourself either. Thank the Lord for the nice fella letting you sell your handmades at his store. Good luck and happy sales! Hugs~Carol

  5. Oh so cute.Glad the shop worked out and he loved your dolls and prims.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Oh you got them... so very cute..

    Guess what we got a new rooster...he is so cute. I forget what kind he is but he has feathers on his feet like one of our Hens...
    He's starting to warm up to me... The hens brought him to my door every morning now for a week..

    Have fun with the babies!!


  7. They are adorable. I think I would have to have just egg layers.
    I am glad you are selling at the shop. You make really nice things.

  8. They are adorable Lara!! My son told me that our chickens started laying at about 20 - 22 weeks. You make me miss those little chick days... *sigh* I just love looking at them. We have our egg layers and then we buy growers to butcher. The butchering ones fatten up faster and look like they are miserable and less mobile with weight at butchering time. They mature faster and larger than the average chicken.

    I would have no doubt that the shop owner would love your creations. They are wonderful! It will be an exciting adventure, along with your chicks! :)

  9. I love your little chicks. We have 25 coming soon. We order them every year and give away some of the older hens. That way we always have eggs as the older hens "molt" and stop laying for a period of time. Our chicks from last year are now in full production and laying a full size egg. Nothing like fresh eggs!! As Brenda said, about 20 to 22 weeks and you will have your first eggs.
    Good luck with your creations in the shop. I bet they will do well.

  10. those chicks are adorable!!

    congrats about the shop! what a compliment! hope that your items do well!!

  11. SOOOOO SWEET!!!!! Thank you for sharing and best wishes about the shop!!! Enjoy your day ~Kimberly

  12. Hi Lara,
    Congratulations on your lovely little chicks. You picked outstanding egg layer breeds. Expect to see eggs August/September. Leghorns will probably lay first. They will lay almost everyday their first year. Keep in mind that you will need to add a light in your coop around the middle of September or they will stop laying. Put the light on a timer to go on about 4am in the morning. You can take the light out in May. If you plan on eating your birds after a year or two of laying-keep in mind that they will taste nothing like the chicken you get at the store. Those birds are typically processed around 4-5 weeks of age so that the meat is very tender. Your hens will make fabulous chicken soup, stewed over a long period of time-but very, very tough fried or baked chicken.
    Chickens are such fun!