Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rain For The Flower Garden

We have had showers off and on all day. The rain will do the flower garden good. I have been busy doing a bonnet to hang on a peg rail or a doll and thinking about our kitchen. Trying to think of a way to conceal that furnace door until the furnace is moved to the basement and I get that hole for a pantry. I would like to do something with the cupboards. Hubby has agreed to a change. I am so tickled. The Azaleas and some Firewitch Dianthus have been added to the garden. We have Mountain Laurel growing wild threw out the woods and it is so petty too. Our strawberry plants are blooming. They get such sweet berries. I seen a tree at a local school but I have no idea what it is. I would like to know. Do you know? These little clusters of flowers are on the branches. I smelled them after taking this photo. They are so pretty but I can not say that about the smell. I am looking forward to a package comming from Firecracker Kid. Some wood sconces. Maybe Monday? The wood items are always wonderful! I need a bigger home with more wall space to hang them. I will share some photos with you all as I can. Blessing to all of you! Oh no I viewed my own blog and discovered I uploaded the photos from last to first so.

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