Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Busy Times At The Homestead

The homestead Christmas tree was all a glow when everyone arrived home last night. Dinner was waiting for all. The kitchen was cleaned & all went about their own business.

Laken was busy researching colleges online to apply to.

Lucas was busy doing his homework.

All was quiet from Sams room last night so I went to check in on him. I found Sam & his little dog sound asleep.
Toby the turtle looks on as he waits for his snack tonight. Sam & his little dog are fast asleep early tonight so I fed Toby & then turned out his tank light.

The homestead kitchen will be used in full force cooking for all again tonight.
I believe this was once called a smug pot. I remember seeing them in the orchards here many years ago. They were lit & sat yards apart in the open rows between the apple & peach trees. The heat helped protect the trees & fruit from the frost. I found this one at a yard sale some years ago. It was in very good shape as far as looks. I have never burnt it. I did remove some of the insides so I could put a strand of Christmas tree lights inside of it. This Christmas I needed to replace the strand of lights. Now it is glowing in the dark in the homestead living room. At the time I bought it I told my Pap about it. My Pap told me a little story how when my Gram & him went to housekeeping so many years ago. Pap had built a chicken house & Gram & him had ordered some chicks to start their own chicken flock for eggs. The day Pap went to town to pick up the chicks he told me my Gram was worried the chicks would be cold so she lit one of these old smug pots inside the chicken house to warm it for their little flock. When Pap arrived home with the chicks the chicken house was on fire & it burnt to the ground. He laughed that she had burnt down the chicken house. I am sure he was not laughing when it happened so many years ago. They have both passed over the years but have not been forgotten.

This month is going by so fast. The days are counting down til Christmas. I still need to get some gifts & wrap the ones I already have. Shopping will need to be done soon for gifts & all the trimmings for a yummy Christmas dinner. I have not really planned what we will be eating this Christmas yet. There will be the normal foods we always have. The big question is what kind of meat will we have. Today I have been busy running in & out doing the laundry. It is very cold & windy here today. The snow has all melted & all is froze. The ducks are not very active today. Tucked in their bedding up at the duck house & tucking their beaks under their wings & fast asleep. All the animals at the barn have been fed & watered & bedded down for another night. The family has started to arrive home from school & work so I must be getting to the homestead kitchen now. Stop in again soon.

Blessings Til Next Time!


  1. Glad I stopped by your homely home, busy though it maybe, you still make a wayfarer welcome!
    That little snug pot warmer is gorgeous! Never came across one before.
    Blessings to all

  2. I love your posts and your pictures :)

  3. Great pics of the kids, so cute! Just normal pics, don't ya just love capturing everyday life with them!
    So enjoyed!

  4. oh my gosh I have one of those "smug pots" I got mine years ago for $15.00 in great working condition..but have never used it..it is in our bedroom and now I am going to go and put lights in it.;) what a great idea.;) loved hearing the story.;) and nice to see everyone is all snug in their beds.:)

  5. Hi Lara, I've been thinking of you..and praying for you. I do hope all is well on the homefront. Your photos are so sweet! We raised chicks for several years until last year when the foxes got my last brood. We raised one batch in the livingroom in a special cage. It was our first batch and we were afraid they would get too cold.

    How I miss my babies! I've never heard of a smug pot before. I always used a red heat lamp for my little ones.

    Great post!
    Donna @ Comin' Home

  6. Loved the pics of everyday life. Love that smug pot, I actually have two and the lights are a wonderful idea!! Loved the story!!

  7. Love this post, your home is so lovely. I have to say I like the bowls you have in the one picture, mixing bowls. All the pictures are great. your family is so lucky to have you as their Mom. have a wonderful night!

  8. Not a creature was stirring huh? Love the little old pot stove :)

  9. Hi Lara:) Yeh, we had a pot belly stove for warmth when I was a shorty:)
    Your poor granny... burned down the chicken house. It's good they laughed about it later. A good memory:)
    Uh oh, sneakin' some snapshots of the sleeping babes. Too cute.

  10. Your busy homestead sounds a lot like my busy homestead with three kids here. Always something going on it seems like.

    What a neat idea to take the insides out of the smug pot and put a strand of lights inside. You can keep them lit year round.

    Your story about your grandma sounds like something I would do. I wouldn't want them to get cold either. Good thing he could tell the story and laugh about it! I love hearing stories like that. Hold those stories close to your heart!